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4 slimming tips that are tested to be true

So you say that you have tried everything from super diets to excessive exercises to attain that slim figure that you really crave and still no luck? Forget all of that and check out the slimming tips that we bring you here.

While it is true that in our research we have also asked super-thin celebrities about how they keep their figures so toned, at the end we found out that being slim is a hard work for anyone else as well just like us. In this article, we bring you some cool slimming tips that have time and again worked for everyone.

fruit diet

Put away your food scale

If you must apply portion control in what you eat, remember that it is not really about measuring each and every bite that you take, but it is about eating intelligently. Instead of ordering an entrée, get yourself two appetizers and remember to reduce your bread intake if you are having pasta. Make sure to have a fuller meal by including goodies such as juicy grapes, crunchy snow peas or deep-red cherries. While cutting out on food never really works, you should consume foods that are low on calories but high on other nutrients like fiber and carbohydrates.

Eat fruits when you want to go snacking

Snacking is a very common habit, and it is even more common to indulge in fast foods that really add no nutrition to your body but make you even lazier than before and prone to put on more weight. So the next time you feel like snacking between your meals, have some fruits instead like grapes, cherries or apples. It will help to increase your overall vitality and vigor, and keep all those unwanted fats at bay.


Indulge in exercises that you really enjoy

For many people, exercising is a matter of routine and compulsion. However, in this way, they tend to gain less and in no time they find themselves losing interest in their exercise routines. The key is not to go overboard with it but to find a balance and stick to practices that you really enjoy. You can try out any physical exercise, whether it is biking, walking, running, playing your favorite sport, catching a Frisbee, taking your dog for a walk, swimming, or even sweating it out in the gym. Hiking is also a great choice, so find good trekking poles and enjoy the beautiful days. The key thing is to add some variation to it and make sure you are stimulated by it both mentally and physically.

Drink plenty of water

No matter what you eat, drink plenty of water along with it. Water is a natural cleanser that removes toxins out of your body and helps to keep it fresh. It is a proven fact that an active mind and body seldom puts on weight, and drinking water helps you to achieve just that.


January 27, 2015
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