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Best Hair Tips for Black Hair

There are many of us who look for hair tips for black hair. Black hair is a bit different from the rest of the hair types. It is quite vulnerable to breakage and may become excessively dry. The breakages end up affecting the length of the hair, which refuses to grow.


Structure of Black Hair


Before we delve into the tips for black hair, it is necessary to understand the structure of the hair. It comprises:


  • The outer layer of the hair or the cuticle acts as a cover for the hair shaft. It is covered with sebum, which lends shine to the hair


  • Then comes the cortex, which lends the hair elasticity, strength and texture


  • The part of the skin on which hair grows is known as hair follicle


  • The sebaceous glands generate sebum that covers the cuticle


  • Melanin gives the hair its black color

Frequent Trims

Get Thick and Long Black Hair with Some Simple Tips


Be Gentle: It is necessary to be gentle while taking care of black hair and also give it as much time as possible. You need to literally pamper your hair to make it grow longer and stronger. Use a gentle shampoo as the majority contains sulphates. These may as well damage the hair instead of taking care of it.


Choose the Right Products: It is essential to use hair care products that are specifically designed for black hair. Since black hair is more delicate and dry, it requires that bit of extra care. It is also necessary to moisturize the hair properly after proper cleansing.


Hot Oil Massage: A hot oil massage with almond or coconut oil can also go a long way in making your hair more healthy and beautiful. One can also use eucalyptus oil as it helps to maintain thick hair.


Conditioning: Conditioning treatments can also aid in building the strength of the hair and maintaining its moisture level. Often protein treatments are used to make up for lost protein at the time of chemical treatments. Protein replenishes the hair and stops further breakage. In cases where it remains inadequate, hair tends to break off and its length remains limited. Adding a raw egg to your conditioner can help to replenish the lost protein. On other hand, moisture treatments are used to keep the hair supple and soft. It should be used alongside the protein treatments to take care of dry hair caused as a result of excessive protein.


Detangle with Care: Avoid brushing hair when it gets tangled. Instead, use your fingers to clear the tangles. Use of the brush in such cases may further damage hair and result in hair loss.


Avoid Accessories that Hurt Hair: Also, it is necessary that you avoid hair accessories such as scrunchies, curlers, head bands and barrettes during sleeping. These put unnecessary pressure on the hair leading to breakage.


Choose a hairstyle that doesn’t cause much strain on your hair. Rather comb it and arrange it smoothly to avoid straining it. Try these hair tips for black hair and get long and healthy black hair that makes others envy you.

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July 31, 2014
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