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The best style tips for women

Some women stay in the front page eternally for their sense of style, whereas others wear nice clothes and yet are not able to leave their mark. One of the most fundamentally important facts that one should know is what to wear and how to carry it effortlessly to create a lingering style statement. In this article, we have discussed some of the best style tips for women that will surely help you to create an endearing appeal.

Style tips for women- Create mystery by showing skin craftily

If you are keen on showing skin, do so strategically. Being sexy does not mean that you have to bare your flesh, but it means to know what to reveal and what to hide, thus creating an allure of mystery. If you are wearing a dress that shows cleavage, then keep your legs under wraps. If it is your legs that you are revealing, stay well covered on the top.

Style tips for women- Accessorize colorfully

Get brightly colored shoes and bags to go well with your attire, especially if the predominant shades in your wardrobe are gray, black or camel. Not only does a bright rusty colored bag or a yellow satchel add more depth and energy to your overall look, they are also quite versatile thus allowing you to experiment more with your looks.

Woman in a wedding dress on white background

Style tips for women- Get the right measurements

Before you go ahead and shop for your clothes, take a note of your measurements. This will not only cut down on the time that you spend searching for the right clothes, it will also help you to choose clothes that will fit you perfectly. The body parts that should be measured include your chest, bust, hips and waist.

Style tips for women- Focus on what is comfortable

Get clothes or shoes that are comfortable, as you can carry them with ease. Although it is true that in some occasions we do sacrifice comfort for great looks, it is not advisable by far in most occasions. Moreover, being uncomfortable in a dress or in a pair of shoes also reduces your confidence, which in the long run will never help you to feel and look your best.

Try a sexy scarf

Style tips for women- Try a sexy scarf

A scarf is sexy and elegant, and it is one of the best accessories that a woman can ever wear. You can get yourself scarves that come in bright shades such as turquoise or red, or go for the more classic white or pearl colors. Whether you choose to wear it around your neck or just tie it around your bag, it can surely act as a head turner.

Style tips for women- Shop alone

It is best if you shop alone as that can help you to find out easily what suites you best. Being alone also gives you more time to browse through the different options.

Style tips for women- Choose colors that are best for you

Know what shades would suit you best by considering the undertones of your skin. Women having warm undertones will look great in different shades of brown, yellow, gold, red and green. On the other hand, women having cool undertones look great in black, white, silver, gray and blue.

July 30, 2014
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