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The Trend Of Mismatched Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids play an important role at one wedding party. They are the bride’s best friends, usually dressed in the same dress. Or maybe not really the same dress, because nowadays The Trend of Mismatched Bridesmaids has become quite popular. This is of course in favor of the bridesmaids because in a way they can choose the style and color of the dress they want, because the same style and color of dress usually doesn’t suit perfectly on everyone.

One way to pull off this trend is to wear the same color, but in different shades and styles. This is for those brides who still won’t to stick to their favorite color, but still the bridesmaids can choose the style of the dress and the shade it suits them the best. On the other side, if the bride doesn’t have a favorite color, the bridesmaids can choose to wear the same style of dress but in different colors. For instance they can go for a pastel palette, and they can choose between the shades of pink, blue, mint, violet, yellow etc. Another option for wearing mismatched dresses is to wear different styles of dresses but in the same color. So, if royal blue is the theme color of your wedding party, then ask your girlfriends to wear a royal blue dress in style that suits them the best. And if still you cannot decide on the color and style, and want every bridesmaid to wear their desired type of dress, the you should let them do their choice. Below, we have chosen several photos of mismatched bridesmaids including all of the options above. Take a look at them and choose how you would like to see your bridesmaids at your wedding day. Enjoy!

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Besides the options that we have mentioned above, there is still one more to add. Your bridesmaids can wear the same dress, but they can choose different color of shoes and accessories. We advice you that no matter of your choice, you should ask your girls about their wishes and thus try to make a compromise. In this way, both you and your bridesmaids will look stunning and feel comfortable in what are you wearing and you will for sure have a memorable wedding. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Women Fashion Tips to find other inspiring ideas about your special wedding day.

April 14, 2015
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