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3 Best Eye makeup tips for natural and beautiful eyes

Eyes are some of the most endearing parts in a person’s face; they go a long way in making people memorable. A woman whose eyes are beautiful and who uses them confidently is sure to hold on to someone’s attention for a long time than someone who doesn’t.

Hence it is perfectly understandable if someone chooses to accentuate the appeal of their eyes by some careful and creative makeup. Although there are plenty of sources that provide women of different ages with a wide range of eye makeup tips, many of them go overboard and instead of making the eyes look natural, they simply change their basic appearance. Here are a few eye makeup tips that aim is to accentuate the appeal of your eyes by keeping their natural beauty intact.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup tips 1- Don’t stick to black as your default eyeliner

For many women, black eyeliner forms the basis of all eye makeup, no matter their skin tone or hair color. This maybe because they think that the black is the safest shade to go or that applying a black liner makes your eyes look sultry and mysterious. The reality is that black eyeliners can be quite limiting and harsh for most young girls and women. Unless applied strategically and judiciously, black eyeliners can really make your eyes look smaller, and give you a more ghoulish appearance.

brown shade

Eye makeup tips 2- Use a brown shade to “tightline” those top lash lines

One of the most effective ways to give a naturally bigger appearance to your eyes would be to tightline them appropriately. For this, you will need to draw under your lash line with a liner along the fleshy, sensitive part of the eyelid. Although this is something that plenty of women will avoid doing, with enough practice it will become far easier to do it consistently. With tightlining, a woman only needs to do the upper lash line, as in most cases some residue from upper liner will invariably imprint themselves on the lower lash line because of blinking. Do it with a brown hue to have the most effect. If you’re fair, you can try a taupe one; alternatively a chocolate shade goes well with a tanner complexion.

Eye makeup tips 3 – Use neutral shadows to enhance your eyes

Always use your basic complexion as a guide while choosing colors for your eyes. Use shades that help you to complement your eyes. Neutral shades can work greatly to add beauty and glamour to your eyes. While a single shade of neutral color can make you look good, combining more than a single shade would help you create that stunning look many women attempt to master with black eyeliner. Use a brush to put a dark bronze eye shadow around the outer corners and then use a pearl or shimmery ivory shade to sweep across your lids.

neutral shadows

August 16, 2014
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