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5 Makeup Tips for Green Eyes that Make them Hard to Ignore

Green eyes look strikingly beautiful and so they definitely deserve to be enhanced. However, many a times finding the right makeup tips for green eyes can be difficult, and the appeal of your eyes virtually remains hidden from the rest of the world. Although it is fairly easy to buy makeup ingredients, using them in keeping with the color of your eyes can help your achieve a far greater effect in terms of accentuated looks. The following makeup tips for green eyes will surely go a long way in bringing out the true beauty of your eyes.

Green Eyes

Experiment with purple tones

Try out different shades of purple makeup as it will help you to create a sharp, contrasting look. If you have to make a pair of close-set eyes seem as if they are widely placed, then apply deep plum eye shadow around the outer edges and use a lighter hue of purple around the inner eye. On the other hand, if your eyelids seem to be a little droopy, just try out the opposite makeup regime. Avoid purple eye shadows with blue undertones or a blue eyeliner and eye shadow. If you think that the deep purple shades are just too much for your taste, use a grayish-lavender shadow to ease the effect.

The color tones that go great with green eyes are lavender, lilac, plum, purple or dark green. Copper and gold serve as excellent choices for the purpose of highlighting green eyes.

Purple tones

Avoid black eyeliners

When it comes to eyeliners, avoid the traditional black shade and go for a more brownish or grayish shade. If you are putting on purple eye shadows, you can combine it with violet eyeliner to see how it accentuates your bright green eyes.

Avoid silver shades

Even if you are quite into experimenting with metallic shades, it is best to avoid silver eye shadow on the eyes. Consider using gold, copper or bronze as your eye shadow when you are planning for an evening out. You can also try out dark green or earthy brown eye shadow and combine it with specs of gold to create a stunning effect.

Use green shades skillfully

Although many makeup books peddling makeup tips for green eyes will tell you not to apply green eye shadow or makeup with your eyes, this is something that you need not follow in every case. You can always complement your green eyes with some cool green shades that will highlight your eyes even more. Just don’t choose a green shade that’s exactly the same as your eyes. Opt for one that is lighter or darker, and see how it transforms your eyes completely!

green shades

Try a peach blush

Another great makeup tip for green eyes is to use a peaches and cream blush. Whether you opt for a powder or for a cream, this will really make your eyes look vibrant.


August 14, 2014
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