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6 Healthy Living Tips for a More Fruitful Life

Having a good health is not something that you achieve in a day. Like anything else, the human body needs to be regularly taken care of, and only with proper care and attention one can reach the zenith of good health. A healthy body is also home to a healthy mind. Without proper health, it is not possible to feel fruitful and happy on a daily basis. Here in this article we present you with some daily healthy living tips that will surely go a long way in keeping fresh and energetic for a long time.

Healthy Living Tips

Get plenty of sleep in a day

Sleep is the most important antidote to all your stress and sufferings. Hence it is important that you get a good night’s sleep every day and allow your body to heal itself. Experts suggest that human body should get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis.

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Add ample amounts of water in your diet

Water is a natural cleanser, and having plenty of it every day helps to detoxify your body making it available for fresh new energies. Water also helps to keep your inner organs mobile and facilitates smooth functioning of various parts.

Proper breakfast

Have a proper breakfast

Breakfast is simply the most important meal of the day. It provides you with all the necessary ingredients that your body and mind requires to function in the most effective way. Although many people prefer to skip their breakfasts just because they are trying to lose weight, this is hardly advisable as it may even make them gain more weight.

Eat properly to keep low blood sugar at bay

Get enough food on a daily basis as that will help you to avoid low blood sugar levels. Eat in regular and healthy proportions and keep fruits and veggies always nearby. Drink herbal tea to soothe your stressed nerves. Eating nuts, bananas and unrefined carbohydrates facilitate formation of serotonin which can help you feel good.

Get regular exercising

No matter how tight your schedules may be, get some exercises to help you out with your muscles and bones. Do some stretching to keep your flexibility intact. When you stretch, bring your body into the desired position and then stay the same for around 25 seconds. While doing so, make sure that you breathe deeply and allow oxygen to flow into all of your muscles. You can also include weight training into your daily workout regimen.

Live mindfully

No column offering healthy living tips would be complete without some advice on mindful living. Living mindfully is more than just using your mind; it is about being present in the present moment and really immersing yourself in whatever you do. De-clutter your life and your mind; slow down and focus on the things that are important to you the most, as that way you are destined to live a happier life.


August 11, 2014
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