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7 Spring Wedding Colors For Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are getting married this spring, then you are probably preparing for it. Everything needs to be perfect on this very special day for you, starting from your dream wedding dress, your future husband, the wedding cake, the wedding party, and of course your bridesmaids. They will play an essential role on your wedding, so choosing the right color and style of their dresses is also really important. Bridesmaids prefer to wear long dresses, especially for fall and winter weddings. But when it comes to spring and summer weddings, the short or knee length dresses can take the stage too. Also, the color choice changes depending on the season when the wedding is happening. So, today, we want to give you some ideas on which colors are the best ones for the bridesmaid dresses for your spring wedding.

Spring is all about pastel colors, so the light blue, soft pink cherry blossom, pistachio, soft lemon and light violet shades are definitely a good choice for spring bridesmaid dresses. They will complement with your beautiful white dress. And if you want to make a contrasting combo with your dear bridesmaids, choose some vibrant shade that will make them stand out. Such colors are watermelon pink and turquoise. Below we have chosen several photos of these 7 Spring Wedding Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses to show you how the bridesmaid dresses can complement with your white wedding gown. Check them out and choose which color is the right one for your bridesmaids and also the one that will match with your wedding party decor. Enjoy!

Watermelon Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Soft Lemon Bridesmaid Dresses

lemon Spring bridesmaid dresses

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Turquoise Bridesmaid Dresses

Soft Pink Cherry Blossom Bridesmaid Dresses

cherry blossom pink Spring bridesmaid dresses

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Pistachio Bridesmaid Dresses

Orchid Tint Bridesmaid Dresses

orchid tint Spring bridesmaid dresses

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Celestial Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

blue Spring bridesmaid dresses

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So, will you go for some soft shade, or will you choose some more vibrant one, like watermelon pink and turquoise? Or maybe you can go for the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend, and choose different style and shade for different bridesmaid dress. This trend has become quite popular nowadays, so that every bride can wear the style and color she prefers and suits her better. No matter of your choice, you won’t be wrong because these colors are the hottest ones for spring weddings. They will match perfectly with all those spring flowers and the beautiful scenery.

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March 16, 2015
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