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Add Some Stripes To Your Spring Wardrobe

There are many patterns and prints that will be trendy this spring, like floral, leopard print and of course stripe pattern. Stripes can be found in different colors, horizontal or vertical, thick or thin. The most common ones are the horizontal stripes and when it comes to color choice, the black and white combo is definitely something you can never be wrong. Stripes can be part both of your more casual outfit combinations, and they can also make a statement as part of you outfits for a night out. So, you should definitely add some stripes to your spring wardrobe.

There are many striped tops that you can find in the stores, to combine with some jeans and sneakers for casual occasions or with some pants and heels for more stylish look. Stripe tops can look good with white pants too. Add some statement necklace to spice up your outfit. Also, you can choose to wear some striped blazer instead of a black or white one. It will good in combo with some skinny white pants, red top and black heels. Scroll down to see some stylish striped outfit combinations and get inspired how to wear stripes this spring.

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There are also many black and white striped dresses that you can choose to wear. Combine the dresses with some black heels, or if you want to look more stylish we advice you to go for some red heels. Add some red bag that will match with them. Another stylish combo that you can wear this spring is a striped pencil skirt with some black crop top and black heels. Scroll down to see the rest of the striped spring outfit ideas that we have chosen for you today and choose which one you will copy. Enjoy!

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So, as the season changes,the trends change too, and you should always try to follow them. The stripes are one of the fashion trends that you should wear this spring, so we hope that the striped outfit combinations above got you inspired of how to wear stripes. Wear them for a night out, at the office or even as part of your casual outfit.

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March 12, 2015
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