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Beauty Tips for Bride- Look Gorgeous!

Beauty Tips for Bride

Being the most beautiful bride is the dream of all women awaiting their wedding. While you are busy picking the cake and choosing the most beautiful wedding gown, do not forget to consider these beauty tips for bride to be the ethereal bride on your wedding day. Sure you will receive different types of advises from all the women you know, but you are the one who knows her body better than anybody else so prepare in a manner in which you are comfortable and you can just be yourself. After all, this day doesn’t come often in one’s life.

Advise for the Bride

Beauty tips for the bride must be considered in two phases; first is the pre wedding preparation and second the preparation on the auspicious day. Preparation before wedding includes:

Adequate Rest

The would-be-brides normally forget to take adequate rest before their wedding because they have an extremely busy schedule shopping, inviting and preparing for the day. However, it is important to reduce your stress level and not lose sight of the fact that it is foremost a ceremony to celebrate love and companionship and not really a fashion parade. If you do not look healthy on your wedding day then no amount of beauty tips for bride can help you redeem your appearance.

Eat and Sleep

Eat and Sleep

You need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to look hydrated and healthy. Also drink lots of fluid and try to get 8 hours of sleep to avoid dark circles or puffy eyes and face on your wedding day. If you wish to shed some weigh then the best beauty tip for bride would be to eat in small proportions throughout the day. Remember, not to overdo anything right from preparation to diet. It is your big day and you must be in good physical and mental condition to enjoy it thoroughly.

Hair and Face

Get a lovely haircut and get rid of split ends before your wedding. For adding volume to your hair try scalp massage along with deep conditioning therapy. Having a beautiful mane will only add to your charm. Facial massage will also help in having a glowing skin on the day; so, get it done at least 3 weeks before the wedding.

Dress and Skin

Simply having a bright and clean face is not all about beauty tips for bride. You must also take care of your arm, feet, legs and hands. Having them waxed, manicured, pedicured and hydrated for a supple skin is mandatory. If you are slightly dark complexioned, then whitening a little will help you glow and if you have a pale complexion, use a self-tanner to add color. Match your wedding dress with your body shape and complexion and go for a trial run to be sure about your choice.

You can also do some yoga, meditation and free hand exercises to remain fit and agile.

Now, for the beauty tips for bride on the wedding day, follow these beauty tips for bride:

Sparkly Eyes

If you could not avoid getting those puffs and circles around your eyes, then create a mixture of cucumber without juice and ¼ cup of strong black tea to apply on the eyes with a cotton pad. Leave it for 10 minutes and it will remove the puffs. Another effective beauty tip for bride is to use concealer matching your skin tone under the eye to conceal dark circles. Also do not forget to prepare for tears.

Perfect Lips

Peeling, chipped and small lips are unwanted on the wedding day. Creating the appearance of full lips is among the vital beauty tips for bride. You can use lip fillers to make lips appear full. You can also use lip gloss at the bottom and in the middle of your lips to make them appear full and hydrated.

Glowing Skin

If you have a pimple on the wedding day, then the best option is to cover it up with a concealer and forget about it. Some women have extremely dry skin and the last minute resort is to steam it a little to have a supple look. You also need to moisturize it nicely to stay soft for a long time.

Beautiful Mind

The most significant of the beauty tips for bride is to have a peaceful mind which comes with confidence. So, be the bright and smiling bride exuding confidence on the big day and everything will fall in place.

Sparkly Eyes


August 4, 2014
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