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Best Foods To Eat Before A Workout

For your body to perform at its best, you need to provide it with the correct nutrients. What you eat before and after working out is really important for getting the most out of your session and achieving your goals. If you don’t fuel your body properly before working out you will for sure lack endurance and stamina. So, today we would like to get you familiar with some of the Best Foods To Eat Before A Workout, so that you can fuel your body with the right carbohydrates and proteins to provide a stream of energy. Go ahead and find out which are they and make sure you add them to your healthy food list before working out.


Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and potassium that will provide you with the right fuel for workout. One medium-size banana has 400 milligrams of potassium and as many carbohydrates (29 grams) as two slices of whole-wheat bread. They are also loaded with vitamin B6 which is beneficial for your immunity.


Oats are loaded with fiber, which facilitates a steady release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, and therefore a steady energy supply throughout your workout. They are also really good for lowering your cholesterol.

Fruit Smoothies

If you want to drink something delicious before a workout, we advice you to go for some fruit smoothies. They are high in protein, can be easily digested, and are loaded with simple and complex carbohydrates.

Egg Whites

If you want to eat some eggs before a workout, we advice you to remove the yolks, because they can make you feel bloated. Egg whites will make you feel full, so try eating some before working out.


Dried Fruits

If you are on the go and need to eat something real quick, go for some dried fruits, like dried apricots, berries, pineapple, plums etc. They are loaded with carbohydrates and will provide you with instant energy.

Brown Rice

The complex carbohydrates in brown rice help sustain energy production, so we advice to eat brown rice with some vegetables, if you are working out after lunch.

Chicken Breast

Or you can also eat some brown rice with some chicken breast. The chicken will provide some protein for muscle repair after your workout.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is rich in protein, almost double quantity than a normal yogurt but it contains about half as much raw sugar as regular yogurt. If you aren’t lactose-intolerant, the Greek yogurt should provide an energy boost that’s easy on the stomach.

If you eat these foods, your body will get the right carbohydrates and proteins  and thus have the energy you need for  a workout. Water is also really important for hydrating your body, so make sure your drink enough quantity of water while working out and also after it. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find out what kind of food you should eat after working out as well as many other useful diet and health tips.

March 22, 2015
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