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Best Time Of The Year For Velvet

The plush and soft velvet fabric is often linked to the winter and fall fashion. But having said this, you will sometimes see people wearing it even in the summer. Can you really wear velvet in the summer? Summer is actually a good time for wearing velvet. With warmer weather, you may wear the fabric next to your bare skin, which will be much sexier than slugging it out with blouses, tights, polo necks, tights, and boots. Plus, there are so many velvet hues available. And of course, there will always be some velvet pieces from the last winter available on sale.

It is actually the weight of the material, which decides when you can wear it. The soft, rich, warp-pile, natural-sheen cloth is made of different types and weights, including double velvet, crushed velvet, and velveteen. When wearing it, adjust its heaviness depending on the season. Skip it for extra hot or humid days. Otherwise, the right velvet can give you instant glamour.

Velvet In The Spring For Women

You can wear crushed velvet or lightweight velvet in a soft pile with confidence when the temperature has cooled down in the spring, and even during the summer evenings. Many designers cut the fabric into miniskirts, shorts, and cap-sleeved tops. You will look awesome with a mini frock, v-neck, leather, and platform pumps. Stay away from slouchy or bulky velvet. Contoured silhouettes will make you look sleek. You can also wear colored-blocked pattern with denim. Pair the outfit with your metallic skinny belt.

Velvet In The Fall For Women

A good time of the year for your velvet dresses. You can wear denim with a tunic length blouse or a velvet shirt dress with jeans. A velvet skirt will also look good with your satin blouse and a knee length boot. You can even create a hipster look by wearing flared bottom velvet with neutral color lace or silky blouse. Add color to your outfit by carrying a tote bag. The best velvet fabric is available at

Holiday Velvet For Women

Glam up your holiday dressing by wearing show stopping velvet shorts with a shimmery blouse. Wear tights if you want to show off a put-together and lean look. You can even mix textures, such as combining lace and velvet. Another option is to wear a velvet suit inspired by menswear. Done correctly, this can easily make you the center of attraction in the holiday season.

Velvet is a rich fabric, so it will always accentuate your accessories. So remember, less is more when you have velvet. A sleep toned-down necklace or a simpler cocktail ring will do the work just fine.

Men’s Velvet

Even the men folk can look gorgeous in velvet, such as a blazer for the fall. Men can wear the blazer with jeans and layered over a cashmere turtleneck. Silk pocket squares will add a nice contrasting touch. Men can wear their velvet suit or a velvet smoking jacket for an evening event.

October 9, 2018