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Eye-Catching Stiletto Nail Designs

One type of nails that can definitely make a statement are the stiletto nails. These oval shaped nails that are more pointed than rounded at the tip, and are usually very long have become really popular recently. Celebrities like Rihanna, Fergie and Lady Gaga are in love with this type of nails and they tend to stick to this nail trend for a while. So, today we have searched around the web and have come up with a photo collection of several Eye-Catching Stiletto Nail Designs that may inspire you to change your square or oval shaped nails with stiletto ones.

Stiletto nails are usually longer which gives you the chance and space to experiment with different patterns. However even if you choose to paint them with one nail polish color without adding some pattern, they will again make a statement because of their length and shape. But you must have already got used to having some interesting pattern on your nails, so that is why we have chosen some versatile stiletto nail designs below. Go for some stripes, flowers, hearts, leopard print, negative space pattern or any other interesting design that will make a statement. Also you can add some embellishments, like studs, or jewels and thus make your nails look more catchy. And now scroll down and let the photos do the talking and choose which one nail design you will copy first. Enjoy!

Black and Pink Nail Design With Studs

Gold and Neon Pink Stiletto Nails

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Nude and Silver Nail Design

 Black and White Stiletto Nail Design

Black Hearts Nail Art


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Black and White Nail Design

Mismatched Stiletto Nails

Embellished Stiletto Nails

Red Wine Stiletto Nails

Navy Stiletto Nail Design

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Lovely Stiletto Nail Design For Spring

Negative Space Stiletto Nails

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Interesting Valentine’s Day Stiletto Nail Design

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So, how will you choose to make a statement with your stiletto nails? Will you just go for some bold nail polish color, or maybe you will go for some interesting pattern? Or how about adding some embellishments, like some studs? No matter of your choice you will for sure have an eye-catching nail design, because stiletto nails are definitely the right ones for drawing the attention. Thank you for reading and stay up to date with our content to find other inspiring nail design ideas.

April 21, 2015
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