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Be Fashionable With Best Ever Fashion tips for women

It’s true that just as a man feels proud boasting his chivalry and strength, it’s been a rule with most women that they take pride in flaunting themselves as a desirable and ravishing fashionista. To look splendidly fashionable you do not really have to spend hordes or look out for a Solomon’s Mines, all you need is to take a few hours out for yourself and create a style funds that stands out from the crowd. In this article, we will discuss some fashion tips for women to check out.


Fashion tips for women- Check Your Wardrobe


The launch should come from your wardrobe. Dump all the over-sized or ill fit clothes and get them stitched in a way that shows off your great contours. In case of choosing your outfit do not sway with the fad fashion trends, instead create a trademark for yourself. Fashion does not mean following the footsteps of your fashion icon. Remember with some creativity you can be trailblazer and the much talked fashionista in your circle. Whatever dress you wear, do an unbiased estimation of your body type. Skin fit clothes may be just perfect for slim body but would not definitely compliment one who is trying to hide her bulges. For those who are wary of their little overgrown size try loose tops that hang down your shoulder or even kurtis with wide and deep cut shoulders. Go for darker shades that easily hide your bulges.

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow

Fashion tips for women- Choose the right makeup

Once you are done with your attire, enhance the look with a proper make-up

. A proper base added with a concealer makes you more confident as the blemishes get hidden. Whether it is daytime or evening, a big occasion or a small, informal gathering, a neutral make-up is an imperative. Start by using a proper cleanser, follow with a compact and a touch of powdered blusher to enhance your cheek bones. Any woman would be incomplete without her dreamy eyes. These days, smoky eyes are the most happening fashion trends, especially for those of you who have great big eyes.


For those of you who have small eyes use shimmery and neutral shades for your eyelids and just embellish them with matching eye pencils. Do not forget to add mascara to curl up your eye lashes. After having spent some time on enhancing your eyes and visage, it’s time to give some color to your lips. As an adage goes, “lips are the mirror to a woman’s beauty”, so if you want to stand out as a fashion icon here are some great tips to a sheer smacking lip make-up. Use a base on your lips, now carefully select an appropriate color. If you want a subdued look use the natural shades and enhance it with the glossy lip shades. For those of you who would like a pouted and real full lips use the rich carmine shade.


Fashion tips for women- Accessorize

Once the make-up is over, get a matching clutch or a nice bag to zing up your look. Who could forget the dazzling danglers that could make you the true fashion icon? Finally, get on to the right pair of shoes and walk confidently as the fashion diva.


July 31, 2014
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