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Five makeup tips for a round face to create a more prominent look

There are plenty of celebrities such as Adele, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore who have round faces. Women having round faces often fret for not having more defined features. Round faces mean that they are also accompanied by generous cheeks and rounded chins. However, this does not mean that the faces cannot be made to look more streamlined and lengthened. With planned makeup and contouring, a round face can be made to look more prominent. Here are a few makeup tips for a round face that can allow a woman to create a sharp look.

Using a darker foundation

Try applying a contouring makeup on your cheekbones, temples as well as the sides of your jaw lines. Use a product that is specifically created for contouring. Alternately, you can also achieve the same effect by using normal foundation products, albeit in a few darker shades than what you commonly use. Blend the product towards the centre of your face; move inward and upward from the jaw and inward and downward from the temples. The primary aim here is to give a more oval-like appearance to a round face. The darker shades help to draw the attention away from sides of a face. The best way to apply a darker foundation would be to use a sponge.

using blush

Lengthen your face using blush

Apply blush to areas of your cheeks that are above the lower line of your nose. Do not apply blush to your cheek apples in a rounded, circular motion as this will give you face an even rounder appearance. Instead, apply a blush of brownish peach shade just under the cheekbones and then slowly blend them upwards towards the temple area.

Create an angular look using a highlighter

Use a highlighter on your chin as well as in the middle part of your forehead. Make sure to apply the highlighter only 2 shades lighter than the natural tone of your skin. This will help to create a rather angular look by bringing these areas forward.

Emphasize your facial features

Emphasize your facial features

As features can get easily lost in round faces, it is important to emphasize on your lips and eyes by using the right kind of cosmetics. Use an eyeliner that is somewhat soft and smudgy instead of a thin, precise one to line your eyes. You can also give your brows an arched look. Use a darker hue of eye shadow around the outer portions of your eyelid with a lighter shade around the inner area; this will make your eyes look more prominent. A brown eye shadow works great in most cases. Use a dark colored lipstick and add a bit of lip gloss to complement it.

Lipstick shades

Choose lipstick shades that are bright and prominent as this will allow you to create a sharp look. The best shades to go for are a dark pink lip gloss or a ruby red lipstick. Use a lip liner around the sides of your lips as this will make them appear straighter around the edges.


August 1, 2014
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