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Great Outfit Looks With Striped Dresses

This spring, among the most popular patterns and prints are the floral pattern, the leopard print and of course the stripe pattern. Stripes can be found in different colors, horizontal or vertical, thick or thin. The most common ones are the horizontal stripes and when it comes to color choice, the black and white combo is definitely something you can never be wrong. Stripes can be part both of your more casual outfit combinations, and they can also make a statement as part of you outfits for a night out.

There are many ways of adding stripes to your wardrobe this spring and one of them is by choosing a striped dress. So, today we have chosen several Great Outfit Looks With Striped Dresses to inspire you to get yourself one such type of dress and thus make a statement this spring. Check them out. Enjoy!

Black and White Striped Dresses

The black and white striped dresses are the most common ones. This timeless color combo is something you can never be wrong with. And when it comes to the position of the stripes the horizontal ones are the most popular, but still you can go for a vertical one or maybe a combo of these two. Depending on the style of the dress you can combine it with sneakers, flats, sandals or heels.

Navy and White Striped Dresses

Another great color combination for a striped dress that always take the stage during spring and summer time is the navy and white combo. Combine it with some leopard print flats or maybe with some pastel colored heels.

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Red and White Striped Dresses

Red and white striped dresses can be found all over the stores too, so you may love to get yourself one of such kind. It can look good in combo with some brown sandals and a brown bag. This color combo goes well with denim too, so you may love to pair your red and white striped dress with a denim jacket and some sneakers. Below you can see how good these outfit combos look.

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So, did the above outfit looks get you inspired to get yourself a striped dress? We bet they did, because a striped dress is one of the must-have dresses for spring and summer time. Choose whether you will go for a short or a maxi one, casual or more formal one and pair it with the suitable shoes and accessories. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

May 4, 2015
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