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How to Re-use Nail Polish Bottles?

Every girl wants to look attractive and pretty. Hands are an important part of your overall appearance. Nail polish makes your nails look well-kept and pretty, and helps to beautify your hands. You will find multiple nail polish bottles in every girls wardrobe. Nail polishes comes in different colours and sizes. Most companies manufacture nail polishes that are loaded with chemicals, which can harm your nails. You should try and avoid using such nail polishes. These days safe nail polish colours are also available, which do not have too many chemicals in them.

Nail polishes are available in so many attractive colours that you cannot resist buying them to match all your outfits. Obviously, you must have collected a lot of empty nail polish bottles as well, which are useless for you. In this article you will read about the various ways in which you can re-use empty nail polish bottles and even nail polish.

  • Clean old/empty nail polish bottle with a non-toxic paint thinner. All you need to do is pour the thinner into the nail polish bottle and shake  thoroughly; you will see that the bottle is totally clean. You can reuse this cleaned bottle as a small flower vase. You can pour glitter in this bottle and add some rhinestones, and make a decorative piece out of it.
  • If you see bad/rough edges on your outfit then what can you do at the last minute? You can put a do a light coating of clear nail polish to help those stray strands settle down.
  • Nail polish can also be used to prevent rust formation on metal cans, which gets caused caused due to moisture.
  • You can use nail polish to decorate your cell phones, buttons, hair clips and frames.
  • You can use nail polish to make beautiful designs on empty nail polish bottles and you can make different types of patterns, flowers ,and stripes.
  • If you have old nail polish colours lying around, which you no longer use, try and make a new colour out of them. Mix these colours to create something new. You can even combine different eye shadow colours with nail polish colours according to your taste and preferences.
  • Reuse your old nail polish bottle for travel or storing other makeup. All you need to do is to make sure that the old nail polish has been cleaned thoroughly and is dry. Because of their size, these bottles are ideal to store small quantities of makeup such as foundation or blush-on. Their small size makes these bottles extremely easy and convenient to carry.
  • You can use empty nail polish bottles to store craft items. Because they are transparent, it will be easy for you to see what is inside. You can store different types of craft items like sequins, tiny beads, glitter and tiny modelling items according to your requirements and the bottle size. This is extremely helpful and convenient for you as these bottles can be stored anywhere as they up very little space.
  • You can use empty nail polish bottles to store glue. You can’t carry a large bottle of glue everywhere. Pouring small quantities of glue in these small nail polish bottles makes them easy to carry. Also, by storing glue in smaller bottles, you ensure that all of it doesn’t get dry together.
  • You can also use empty nail polish bottles to store your kids’ paints. They can use the brush for painting.

Empty nail polish bottles can be used in a number of ways. By re-using these bottles you are also contributing to saving theenvironment by re-cycling. Don’t throw them away as soon as they are empty. Clean them and keep them, because you never know when they may come handy.

October 18, 2018
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