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Interesting St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs That You Can Copy

When we choose a nail design idea, we usually choose for some that will match with our outfit combinations, some that is trendy for the season or some that we do only for certain holidays. The next festive holiday that you cannot wait to celebrate is St. Patrick’s Day, so today we are bringing to you several Interesting St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs That You Can Copy. 

The main color for these nail designs is green and this is because this is the traditional color for this holiday. First it was believed that blue was the color for this holiday, but after some time, green took the stage because of Ireland’s nickname as The Emerald Isle, the green in the Irish flag and the clover that St. Patrick used in his teachings about Catholicism. So, get ready to experiment with the different shades of green.

Shamrock Nail Design

Green Nail Design For St.Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks, Rainbow And Gold Nail Design

Irish Nail Design

Green Glitter Nail Design With A Shamrock

Guinness, Rainbow And Pot Of Gold Nail Art

Other colors that can be part of your nail designs for St.Paddy’s Day are white, black, gold and also the colors of the rainbow, which is one of the symbols for this holiday. Other symbols for this festive day are shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns and their costume. Try painting these symbols on your nails, or if you cannot do them precisely, get some stickers of them and simply stick them to your nails. Another way to to your nails for St. Patrick’s Day is polishing your nails with the colors of the Irish flag. Kisses and letters are also approved in order to quote the famous saying Kiss me I’m IrishScroll down to see the rest of the St.Patrick’s Day nail designs that we have chosen for you today, and choose which one you will copy. Enjoy!

Kiss Me I’m Irish Nail Design

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Green And Gold Polka Dot Nail Design

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Great St. Patrick’s Day Nail Design

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Shamrock Nail Design

Nail Design With Shamrock Stickers

Green Ombre Stripes Nail Art

Lovely St. Patrick’s Day Nail Design

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February 22, 2015
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