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Health Tips for Summer- 7 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer

Summer months are known for their blazing heat and although it is a time when people feel all weary and lazy, you can still add a bit of energy to your life and take care of your overall health. That way you can get back to your familiar self once the summer is over and look and feel good again. Here are some health tips for you to follow this summer.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water, at least 2 to 4 cups as you wake up in the morning. Increase the quality a little if you are into outdoor activities and exercising. If you go out, carry water containers with you as they will definitely come in handy.

Stay Healthy this Summer

Protect yourself from sun

While you indulge yourself in fun-filled activities outside, protect yourself from being overexposed to sun’s rays by wearing a nice hat and by using natural sunscreen lotions without any strong chemicals. You can also carry an aloe vera gel as it can come in handy in case of any burns.

Exfoliate regularly

The summer season invariably gives rise to a lot of dead skin cells, especially in the face. Hence it is important to exfoliate your skin every now and then in order to maintain its regular health and keep it vibrant and glowing. You can get an exfoliating product from the shop that’s made of materials that are soothing to your skin, or alternately you can prepare one at your home by combining milk, yogurt and oatmeal.

Develop an exercise program

Although the high temperatures may have a heavy toll on your energy levels, it doesn’t mean that you have to hang up your running shoes. Modify your exercise plan a bit and include more indoor activities in it. Get enrolled in a gym or an aerobics class, do some yoga or pilates, or try out some of the more refreshing activities such as biking, hiking, tennis or swimming. These activities will help to keep your mind and body aligned.

proper diet

Enjoy the benefits of a proper diet

Include plenty of seasonal fruits, nuts and vegetables in your diet in order to derive what your body needs the most during these months. Get some proteins to boost your energy levels. There are certain proteins that are light and easy to digest that do not require cooking. Some of these protein sources include nuts, seeds, soy products, sprouted beans, kefir, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Consume olive oil

Olive oil includes plenty of essential fatty acids which help the skin to resist damage caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. These fatty acids also form a vital part of cell membranes that help in retaining moisture. By consuming about one tablespoon of olive oil daily, you can protect the suppleness of your skin.

Enjoy swimming

Swimming is a great exercise for your whole body, but in the summer months it also serves well to keep your body and mind cool. You can even do routines of breaststroke and backstroke to maximize the results.


August 1, 2014
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