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Useful makeup tips for teenage girls

Teenage girls are often in a position that they have ample of makeup choices at hand and yet not sure as to how to go about the entire process. While there are plenty of magazines and online sites that offer makeup tips for teenage girls, more often than not they seem to baffle the girls as in what is best for them. Sometimes girls may have certain specific requirements, and in order to attend to that more in depth knowledge of makeup science is required. In this article, we present you with a number of makeup tips for teenage girls that should come in handy in just about every occasion.


Clean your face and hands well before starting with makeup

Before starting with your makeup regimen, wash your hands well by using an antibacterial soap. Soak your hands with warm water and apply the soap evenly on them. After washing off the soap, use a registered antibacterial hand sanitizer to wipe off your hands. For cleaning your face, make use of a good cleanser that is recommended by your dermatologist. Alternatively, you can also try out a variety of products to see which one works best for you.

Apply a sunscreen lotion

Once you have cleaned your face and hands well, apply a sunscreen lotion, particularly if you have issues with hyper-pigmentation. If you are also applying a moisturizer, then make sure that it is separate from your sunscreen as then the effect of SPF will be much stronger. Get an SPF 45 sunscreen if you are having very low melanin count. On the other hand, if you have high melanin count, i.e. if your skin is dark or olive, then opt for an SPF 15 lotion.


Use a concealer

Choose a concealer that is somewhat lighter than your original skin tone and apply it with a foundation brush or concealer brush under the eyes for covering any hint of darkness. You can also use your concealer on any red spots, zits or other imperfections that you may have. Dab the concealer gently with your middle finger. While you can use your foundation as a concealer, an actual concealer will always give you better results.

Pat your foundation gently

When it comes to foundation, remember that acne mineral makeup is always better for skin than a normal foundation. Only use prescriptives or bare minerals and avoid any cheap products. If you have drier skin, then go for a liquid or cream foundation. On the other hand, if your skin is oily, then a powder foundation is ideal for you. Girls with excessively oily skin can use silicone-based primers or matte gels to reduce the oiliness.

Do your eye makeup

Comb the eyebrows gently up and across using a mascara brush or brow brush and apply eyeshadow softly to fill the brows and make them appear fuller. If you are trying to sport a tan look, go for a soft bronze shade; or else choose a light creamy shade to complement your skin tone.

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January 2, 2015
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