What are the Types of Lip Filler? Can Lip Filler be applied?

Lips are one of the most noticeable parts of the face. Fleshy and shaped lips provide a more impressive appearance. However, sometimes due to genetic reasons, sometimes due to subsequent conditions, the lips may have a small or unaesthetic appearance. Today, there are different methods that can be used to overcome this problem. Lip filler is one of these methods. This procedure, which is performed by applying filler to the lip and its surroundings in order to shape the lip or make it fuller, is completed quite painlessly. It is possible to have more aesthetic and fuller lips with lip filler.

How is Lip Filler Done?

The lip filler process is completed more easily and painlessly than surgical methods. Anaesthetic effective cream can be used to prevent sensitive lips from feeling pain during application. After completion of the anaesthetic process, the filler is injected into the lip with the help of a fine-tipped needle. All of this takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. However, it is necessary to wait 1 month to see if the application has been successful. So, it is necessary to go to the physician control at the end of 1 month. 

Those who are thinking of filling for lip augmentation need to know that there are different types of this application. Basically, it is divided into two as permanent lip filler and temporary lip filler. However, there are also different names made according to the shape desired to be given to the lips.

Aphrodite Lip Filler

Aphrodite Lip Filler takes its name from the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. In this type of filling, it provides a look like the body of the lip is thick, thinning to the sides. The contour of the upper lip is slightly protruding outwards.  It is one of the best types of fillers for those who want to have fuller lips. When aphrodite lip filler is performed, fillers are applied to the lower and upper lip to be compatible with the facial features of the person.

Venus Lip Filler

Venus lip filler offers a more natural look than the Aphrodite filler type. The upper lip fold is made more sharp. The lower lip looks more fleshy. With Venus lip filler, both lips are made symmetrically prominent.

Eros Lip Filler

This type of filling, which takes its name from Eros, the goddess of love in Greek mythology, is applied to make the line on the lip prominent. This line, also known as the Arc of Eros, is given an outward fold and made to become more visible.

Hera Lip Filler

The name of the Hera lip filler originates from Hera, who is referred to as the goddess of marriage in Greek mythology. In this type of filling, a more symmetrical appearance is tried to be obtained between the lower lip and the upper lip. For this, one-third filling is applied to the upper lip and two-thirds to the lower lip. After the procedure, the lower lip becomes more sharp. Besides, the upper lip fold is also made more sharp.

When filling is to be done for lip augmentation, it is necessary to choose among these types of fillers. However, when choosing, it is important that the face type is appropriate as well as the preferences of the person. In lip augmentation applications, the golden ratio is taken into account. You can have fuller and more shaped lips with Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, which has been providing beauty and aesthetic services to many patients from various countries with its expert physicians and service understanding based on customer satisfaction since 2016.

August 10, 2022