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10 Beauty Tips With Q-tips Every Woman Should Know

When you hear the word q-tips, the first thing that comes to your mind are the white cotton swabs that you use for cleaning out your ears. And this is because that is their primary use. However, there are many other situations when q-tips can come in handy. They can be used for many beauty tips that you may have never thought about. So, today we would like too bring to you the 10 Beauty Tips With Q-tips Every Woman Should Know and we are sure that you find them really useful. So, go ahead and check them out. Enjoy!

1. Touch up your roots in between dye jobs with a q-tip dipped in eye shadow. This is the best solution for all of you who are too busy to have their hair dyed. Make sure you choose an eye shadow that matches with your hair color.

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2. Spray q-tips with your favorite perfume and place them in a plastic sandwich bag. When your purse is not big enough to carry a bottle of perfume, this is what you should do. So, when you want to freshen up your fragrance midday just whip one out and run the scent-covered end over your pulse points.

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3. When travelling, roll the ends of cotton swabs in the necessary eye shadows. If you don’t have too much space into your weekender to carry your favorite eye shadows, roll the ends of cotton swabs into them an place them in a plastic sandwich bag.  They will be your mini eye shadow brushes.

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4. Use a cotton swab for defining your cheekbones. Another beauty trick that you can do with a q-tip is to use the length of a q-tip to define your cheekbones and then use a powder bronzer to contour your face.

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5. Use two q-tips and hot water to get rid of a pimple. The next time you want to get rid of a pimple, follow this little advice. First, wash your face with a hot water. Then, after your skin is dry use two q-tips and press them against the zit toward each other. The content of the pimple should come out easily.

6. When no eye curler, use cotton swab to curl your eyelashes. First, apply two coats of mascara. Then with a q-tip apply pressure to wet eyelashes so that they are in a curled position.  Your eyelashes will be perfectly curled.


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7. Use a q-tip to create a smoky eye look. The next time you want to achieve the smoky eye makeup look, loosen the end of a q-tip by gently tugging on it and then run it over your eye shadow. Then, apply it along the base of the lashes and up into the crease of your eye and you are ready to go.

8. Use a cotton swab for outlining your lips with a translucent powder. This will help you to define your lip line as well as to avoid lipstick bleeding.

9. Use a q-tip to apply eyelash glue to false lashes. This is what you have to do to achieve precision when applying an eyelash glue to false lashes.

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 10. Use a q-tip to apply baby powder for thicker eyelashes. When you want to get the effect of big fat lashes, apply a coat of mascara and then apply a baby powder with a Q-tip on your eyelashes. Apply one more coat of mascara and you are ready to go.

These were the 10 Beauty Tips With Q-tips Every Woman Should Know, which we hope you will start using from now on. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with us for other more useful beauty tips.

February 12, 2015
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