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10 Best Beauty Benefits Of Honey

Honey is considered as the healthiest sweetener and one of the oldest natural remedies. But besides these, honey is also really good for your skin, hair and nails and we would like to get you familiar of how to use honey as part of your beauty routine. Below, you will find out the 10 Best Beauty Benefits of Honey and we are sure that from today on, honey will be the number one ingredient you use for boosting your natural beauty. Check the out!


Honey is great for hydrating and moisturizing, so we advice you to use it for moisturizing your face. Apply some raw honey on clean skin and leave it like that for 15 minutes. After that rinse it thoroughly and feel how smooth and soft your skin is.

Acne Treatment

Honey can serve as an anti-bacterial product, so whenever you have those unwanted acne, use honey to get rid of them easily. Apply some raw honey on the affected area and rinse it off thoroughly after 15 minutes. You will love the results.

Scars Removal

Because of its bleaching effect, a regular use of honey, will help you fade the unwanted scars on your face.


Back in the past, the wife of the Roman Emperor Nero, Poppaea, used honey to maintain her youthful appearance. And this is because honey is rich in antioxidants, so everyone should make honey part of their healthy diet. Also, using honey on your skin, can help you get rid of wrinkles.

Dark Circles

No one wants those dark circles under the eyes, that are result of not sleeping enough and too much stress. In those cases, you should mix honey and almond oil and apply them to the dark circles. Rinse it off after 15 minutes.

Lip Scrub

Honey can be beneficial for your lips too. Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon raw honey, 1 tablespoon brown sugar and few drops of lemon juice and apply it to your lips. Exfoliate after 5 minutes and get soft and smooth lips.

Razor Bumps

No one wants the bumps caused by shaving, so we advice to apply honey immediately after shaving and  to rinse it off after 15 minutes.

razor bumps

Hair Conditioner

Honey is good for you hair too. It can makes it softer and shinier. Try mixing a tablespoon raw honey with two tablespoons virgin olive oil and use your hands to apply it through your hair. Leave it like that for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off.

Hair Lightener

As we have already said, honey has a bleaching effect, so you can use it as a natural hair lightener. Mix a tablespoon raw honey with 6 tablespoons distilled water and apply it to your hair. Rinse it off after an hour. Repeat this weekly for better results.

Hair Removal

You are probably familiar with this old beauty trick of removing body hair by using  honey, brown sugar and lemon juice. Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon raw honey, 3 tablespoons brown sugar and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Boil this mixture until it turns brown. Let it cool and then apply it with a popsicle stick to your skin. Put a cotton strip over it and rub it until it gets warm. Pull the cotton against the direction of hair growth.

So, now that you are familiar with the best beauty benefits of honey, we hope that you will use honey as part of your beauty routine. You will definitely love the results that you will get from using it more often. Thank you for reading and stay up to date with us for more beauty, fashion and health tips.

March 19, 2015
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