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10 Eye Makeup Tutorials For The Summer Time

The summer time is almost here and we want to get you prepared for it, both in terms of fashion and beauty. So, today, we have chosen 10 Eye Makeup Tutorials For The Summer Time and we hope that you will like and copy them.

The following makeup tutorials are easy to be done and does not require any special skills from you. The best thing about these makeup pictorials is that you can learn from them how to do your makeup like a professional, and thus save some money and time for not visiting a makeup artist whenever you need to. There are no special techniques that can classify a makeup idea as a summer one. The difference is always in the colors used. And since summer time is all about colors, you should try to use more pastel shades, like pink, violet, orange, mint and blue instead of the classic colors, like white, grey, black or brown. Go ahead now to see the step-by-step makeup tutorials that we have chose for you today and choose which one you will try first. Enjoy!

Blue Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Soft Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

Summer Eyes – Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Glitter Summer Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Mint and Purple Makeup Tutorial

Although pastel shades are the best ones when it comes to summer eye makeup ideas, we should not forget about the classical makeup ideas. For instance, the following makeup tutorial is about how to visually achieve the look of bigger eyes and this is a makeup idea that you can never be wrong with, no matter of the season or occasion.

Eye Enlarging Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

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Also, the next makeup tutorial is something that is considered as a timeless makeup idea and that is the smoky eye makeup. It is the perfect eye makeup look both for day and night occasions. You can made a difference by adding a neutral color lipstick for day events and a bold lipstick color for a night out.

The Classic Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Turquoise Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

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Wonderful Purple and Pink Eye Makeup Idea

Navy and Plum Eye Makeup Tutorial

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So, these were the 10 Eye Makeup Tutorials For The Summer Time that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you will copy all of them. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Women Fashion Tips to find many other step-by-step makeup, hair and nail tutorials.

May 27, 2015
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