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11 Step-by-Step Chevron Nail Tutorials

There are may different nail designs that you can choose from and we are always trying to bring to you the best ones so that you can draw inspiration from. Today, we have chosen 11 Step-by-Step Chevron Nail Tutorials that you can do by yourself by following some simple steps.

Chevron nail designs or also known as zigzag nail designs are an interesting type of nail designs but at first glance they may seem a little bit difficult to be done. And if you do think that they are difficult to be done, we must say that you are wrong because you can do them in no time just by following some simple rules. First, you need to decide on which nail polish colors you will use and in what way you will apply them on your nails. Start by applying a coat of the color that you want to be your base color. You will have to use some washi tape or some striping tapes in order to achieve the zigzag pattern. Apply them on your nails and make sure you press them onto your nails and into the edge of your nails near your cuticle so that you can make the chevron design go all the way across your nails. Apply a coat of another nail polish color over the tape. Wait until they are dry and then remove the tape. Apply a clear top coat, so that your chevron nail design can last longer. And now, scroll down to see the chevron nail tutorials that we have chosen for you today, and choose which one you will copy first. Enjoy!

Ikat Chevron Nail Design

Lovely Chevron Nails

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Pink Chevron Nail Tutorial

Shades of Blue Chevron Nail Design

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Ste-by-Step White Chevron Nail Tutorial

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Ombre Chevron Nail Art

Easy Chevron Nail Design

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Rainbow Chevron Nails

Red, White and Blue Chevron Nail Design

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Part Chevron Nails

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DIY French Chevron Manicure


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So, do you still think that this type of nail design is difficult to be done? We bet that we have changed your mind, because if you follow the simple steps precisely, you can do your nails easily. The step-by-step nail tutorials are usually meant to teach you how to do your nails on your own and thus saving some time and money for not going to the manicure saloon every time you need to. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with us to find other inspiring nail tutorials.

April 19, 2015
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