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5 Spring 2015 Makeup Trends

Today, we would like to get you familiar with the makeup trends for the upcoming spring, that rock on the fashion shows. We are completely sure that you will follow these trends because they will help you accentuate your beauty in the best way. You might have already tried some of them and we suggest you to try the other ones too. So, go ahead and find out which are the 5 Spring 2015 Makeup Trends that all women should follow.

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Look

The brown smokey eye makeup look is the perfect choice both for day and night makeup looks. The only difference can be achieved by applying some black eyeliner for a night makeup look. They are several shades of brown that you can combine to achieve the perfect brown smokey eye makeup look, from softer colors to bronze, through warmer tones, like brass and copper. Keep your lips bare.

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Purple Eye Makeup

Another makeup trend that you should follow this spring is the purple eye makeup. Purple eye makeup is the right choice for brown and green eyes and also it is the best color for women with dark skin tone. There are versatile purple makeup ideas, because of the many shades it has. And when it comes to the lipstick color choice, again stick to some pale color, because the accent should be on your eyes.

Natural Makeup Look

Natural makeup look is another spring makeup trend which is the easiest one to copy. This means that you should keep your makeup to bare minimum. No eye shadows and no bold lipstick colors. Just show off your natural beauty.

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is a trend that can never go out of fashion. It can be found in different tones and thus look good on every skin tone. When wearing red lipstick, try to keep the rest of your makeup on a minimum level. A black eyeliner and a coat of black mascara is what you will need to achieve the perfect makeup look with a red lipstick.

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Inky Black Eyes

Inky black eyes can be a good choice both for day as well as night makeup looks. All you need is a good quality eyeliner and of course the skills to apply it. And don’t worry if you don’t have these skills, because they are many useful tutorials that you can find all over the web and learn how to apply it like a pro. Inky black eyes look perfect in combination with a red lipstick or with any other great lipstick color.

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These were the 5 Spring 2015 Makeup Trends that all women should follow. We hope that you liked them and that you will follow these makeup trends.

February 11, 2015
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