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5 Types Of Jackets You Must-Have This Spring

The spring is on our doorstep and as the weather is getting warmer you will have to get rid of all those coats and jackets that kept you warm during the winter and bring in the spring jackets. And if you were wondering about what types of jackets will be trendy this spring, keep calm because you will now find out which are the 5 Types Of Jackets You Must-Have This Spring. They will get you covered for all types of outfits, from more casual to formal ones.

Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a type of jacket that never goes out of style and there are many ways to wear it. It is most often part of casual outfits, like the ones with jeans, shirt and sneakers, but it can be also part of more dressed up combinations. For instance, you can also wear denim jacket with some skirt combination or some dress that is not too formal.

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White Blazer

We have already said that white is one of the colors to wear this spring, so the white blazer is just one of the ways to wear this color. It can look good in combination with many colors, although the timeless classic is the black and white combo. Also, the white blazer can be part of your head-to-toe white outfits, which is another fashion trend that you should follow this spring.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket is another type of jacket that you should wear this spring. It can fit nicely with most of your outfits and it can be found in many different designs and colors. Go for some floral pattern or maybe some leopard print.

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 Kimono Jacket

Another trendy type of jacket to wear this spring is the kimono jacket, which you can choose to wear instead of a lightweight jacket or a cardigan. It can be worn with almost everything so you won’t find it tricky to style it. Check out the photos below to see some trendy ways to style your kimono jacket this spring.

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Trench Coat

Just like the denim jacket, the trench coat is also a fashion staple that never goes out of style. It is the perfect outerwear for more formal outfit combinations. It can be found in various styles and colors, but the most common one is the beige trench coat. However choosing a pastel colored trench coat is also a good idea, because pastels are the best colors for spring time.

So, do you have all of these jackets in your wardrobe? If not, make sure you do, because you will need all of them to complete all of your spring outfit combinations.

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March 11, 2015
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