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8 Items You Should Never Ever Wear To Work

To be a professional in what you are doing, it also requires from you to have a professional look which will leave a good impression on everyone. Working in the office and the stylish  look definitely go together, so you should always pay attention to looking good. And this means that there are certain pieces of cloth that you shouldn’t wear at the office and today want to get you familiar with them. Scroll down and find out which are the 8 Items You Should Never Ever Wear To Work and especially not on your first job interview.


Cut-offs may be your favorite piece of cloth for the hot summer days, but they are only approved when you are not in the office. They show too much of your legs, which is totally not professional.

Body Con

There are many stunning body con dresses that you can find in the stores, and they are perfect for your night out outfits. Wearing too tight and too short dress to work is something you should definitely avoid.


Fishnets are definitely something you should never ever wear to work. They are totally unprofessional and may ruin your professional and sophisticated look.

Hot Pants and Visible Underwear

Hot pants plus visible underwear is the worst combination for the office, so you should never wear it.

Flip Flops

Let’s face it, flip flops are for the beach, not the office. They will not fit into your professionally polished outfit combination.


Besides flips flops, another type of shoes that you should avoid wearing to work are sneakers. They are perfect for your more casual outfits with jeans and shorts. Pumps, flats and oxford shoes should be part of your office outfit combinations.

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Strapless Bra

Forget wearing to work any clothes that require wearing strapless bra, like corsets, strapless tops or dresses. They are not appropriate for the office, so you should never wear them.

Sheer Clothing

Sheer clothing, like shirt, dress or skirt are meant for discos and nightclubs, but not for the office. So, do not wear them at the office because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable when everyone stares at you.

These were the 8 Items You Should Never Ever Wear To Work and we are completely sure that all of you who want to be professional in what they are doing will follow our advice and never wear these items. You should all know these tips for the office, and you should never wear these pieces of cloth and types of shoes, not even on you job interview, where the professional look also plays an important role in getting the desired job.
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March 2, 2015
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