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A Floral Dress Is A Must-Have For Spring

The two patterns that you should wear this spring, whether separated or in a combination, are the floral and the striped pattern. We have already shown you several striped outfit ideas to get you inspired, and today we would like to focus on the floral one. A floral blazer is one of the must-have jackets for spring time and we have already got you inspired with several trendy outfit combinations with floral blazer. And now, we are bringing to you several outfit ideas with floral dresses, because A Floral Dress is a Must-Have for This Spring.

There are so many different styles of floral dresses that you can choose from. Depending on its style, you can wear a floral dress for a day walk, for the office and of course if its more elegant one, you can wear it even for a night out. Floral dresses can be worn with or without jackets. A black leather jacket is always approved for an outerwear piece over a floral dress. Also, denim can look good in combo with flowers, so feel free to put on your denim jacket over your more casual floral dresses. The only piece of jacket that you are not to wear over floral dresses is a floral jacket or blazer. It definitely won’t look good, so don’t even think about wearing such combination. And when it comes to the footwear, again depending on the style of your dress, you can wear heels, sandals, flats, oxford shoes and even sneakers. For the more formal occasions pair your floral dress with some heels or sandals, and if you go for a comfortable and casual dress put on your favorite pair of sneakers.  Take a look at our photo collection below and draw inspiration from them of how to wear a floral dress this spring. Enjoy!

Outfit Combinations With A Floral Dress

A floral pattern will definitely make a statement, so do not go bold with accessories. Instead, wear some small necklace or some simple earrings, like studs or loops. Scroll down to see the rest of our photo collection for today and think about how you will wear your floral dress tomorrow.

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April 7, 2015
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