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Amazing Purple Makeup Ideas You Should Try

One makeup trend that you should follow this spring is the purple eye makeup. Purple eye makeup is the right choice for brown and green eyes and also it is the best color for women with dark skin tone. There are versatile purple makeup ideas, because of the many shades it has. And today, we have chosen several Amazing Purple Makeup Ideas that you may love to copy this spring.

We have chosen these makeup ideas in the form of step-by-step makeup tutorials which should be your guide to doing your makeup like a professional. There are versatile because of the shades used, as well as the technique used. Some of them you can wear during the day, and others, like the glittered ones, are good only for the night. Go ahead to see how you can wear purple eye makeup and choose which one you will copy first. Enjoy!

Pink and Purple Makeup Idea

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Purple Makeup Idea With A Black Eyeliner Finish

Dark Green And Purple Makeup Tutorial

Galaxy Glitter Eye Makeup Look

Soft Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Look

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Dark Purple Step-By-Step Makeup Idea

As you may have already noticed, purple comes in various shades and that is why you can make so many different combinations. Purple can look good in combination with pink shades too, as well as with black and white shades for achieving the smoky eye makeup look. And when it comes to glitter eye shadows, glitter purple eye makeup is a great makeup idea for a night out. Always finish your eye makeup look with two coats of a good mascara to accentuate your eye lashes. And since purple accentuates your eyes, do not use some bold lipstick, but instead go for some neutral lip gloss or a lipstick that matches with your lips. Scroll down to see the rest of the purple makeup ideas that we have chosen for you today and choose which one you will try.

Glitter Purple Makeup Idea

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Step-By-Step Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Great Purple Step-By-Step Makeup Tutorial

All Shades Of Purple

Purple Smoky Eye For The Brown Eyed Girl

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February 25, 2015
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