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Cool makeup tips for redheads that help to further enhance their beauty

Red hair frequently looks strikingly beautiful and carries with it a sense of extravagance. Whether the hair color is cherry red, mahogany or copper, redheads have a way of appearing delicate, mysterious and elf-like. There are also those redheads who exude a strong sense of strength, confidence and excitement.

In order to look the best with red hair, it is important to complement such locks with matching makeup. While there are numerous sites offering makeup tips for redheads, many of them are not comprehensive enough to create a total look. In this article, we present you with some great makeup tips for redheads that can be followed on all occasions.

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Importance of light makeup

Generally, natural redheads are blessed with very light skin. For this reason, there is really no need to apply a crème foundation when your skin is free from blemishes. A light makeup powder is sufficient for redheads. If just in case you have any skin imperfections, a medium opacity foundation can work wonders in any situation. Moreover, if it does not really bother you that much, wear your freckles as a part of your complete look. Freckles on the face often add to the overall beauty of redheads, giving them an innocent, dainty look. Use a mineral foundation or some light powder to keep those freckles beautiful.


Eye makeup tips for redheads  

While at one point of time, eye makeup for redheads strictly restricted itself to the usage of green color, at present one can surely make use of a whole lot of other shades as well. While olive, peat and khaki shades still continue to be classic favorites, you can also try out other colors as well to create innovative looks, such as gold, copper, rust, cinnamon and nutmeg. To create a look that is particularly sophisticated, try out contrast colors like teal, plum, lilac, and turquoise. If you are not into heavy eye shadow makeup, you can do away with all of that and just use a simple eyeliner for creating soft accents.

Redheads usually have light eyelashes; however, adequate amounts of mascara can help to create truly expressive eyes. Short lashes can be made to look large by using some extension mascara. If you have a very light skin tone and are worried about how a black mascara can appear to be too contrasting to your overall skin tone, you can use a brownish-black mascara to get a better effect. Also, don’t forget to experiment with smokey eyes when you are planning evening or night outs.

Blush or rouge for redheads

Most redheads prefer not to apply blush on their cheeks as it can appear too red. However, blushes nowadays are available in a wide range of shades other than red, and you may try out colors like peach, apricot, pink and coral-red as well.

Lip makeup for redheads  

Lip gloss in the shades of peach, coral, rose and apricot looks great in a redhead. You can also go for a dazzling look with deep red lips; of course do not forget to keep the rest of your makeup understated then.


December 10, 2014
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