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Easy to Follow Makeup Tips and Tricks


Have you ever visualized your favorite fashion diva without any make up? Believe me or not, even the hottest of the stars do not really flaunt that great a look without a touch of make-up. So make sure to follow some simple and easy makeup tips and tricks as discussed in this article. Here’s a plethora of things that you can do to give you a complete make-over. For that perfect makeup that would hide all your dark spots and flaws, start with a proper clean-up of the visage.

Use a non-alcoholic face wash

Use a gentle non-alcoholic face wash, preferably gel based to wash off all the dirt from your face. In case you are traveling and do not have a face wash handy, remember to carry a pouch of herbal cosmetic wipes to add some refreshment to your skin. After the cleansing has been done, add a layer of sunscreen cream or lotion if you are planning to move outdoor during the day. A good sunscreen from one of those reputable brands will have a higher SPF that will resist your skin from getting tan or sun rashes.

Cosmetic brush

Choose a good base

After you have done the basic it’s time for you to add a good base that would keep the make-up intact for hours together. Now before you plunge in with that remember to arm yourself with the best cosmetic products that are friendly for your skin and a whole range of make-up tools without which you cannot apply your artistry skills. A proper make-up kit should comprise of tools like; foundation brush, concealer brush, blush brush, flat eye shadow brush and a lip brush along with a lip and eye liner. The best way to defy any kind of ravages on your make-up is to use a blend of cream foundation and primer that will give a long lasting and a great coverage to your skin. In case of oily skin remember to apply the foundation with a sponge and for those of you who have dry to combination skin type, make use of your foundation brush and buff the foundation concentrating on the center of the face.

Avoid unwanted colors

Now it’s turn that you camouflage all those unwanted colors and blemishes that make you feel ugly. Remember even the pristine Moon is not without them. Manipulate with your concealer and color pallet to get rid of them. After the dark patches and the eye bags have been hidden, add a shape to your face. If you have round face, apply a bronzer so that the contours become more prominent. Highlight your cheek bones with neutral shades like peach or taupe if you have an oval face. For those of you who have a round face, it is best to use a touch of shimmer.

perfect eye make up

Finish off with a perfect eye make up

After you have finished working on your shape of face, its time you pop up your eyes, the central attraction in your visage. You can use either a powder based eye-shadow or a cream based color to highlight your eyelids. Now match your eye color with the correct eye pencil. Touch up with a lip liner to give a fuller look to your lips. Use a matching lipstick to fill it up. You are now ready to take on any fashion diva!

August 2, 2014
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