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Easy makeup tutorials for beginners

Are you searching for makeup tutorials for beginners on the internet that will guide you through the entire makeup process in easy steps? Then check out our makeup tutorials for beginners as it will surely help you to boost your facial appearance several notches higher.

Step one: Prepping the skin

The first step to proper makeup is to prep the skin right. Without it, no makeup will yield positive results. It is vital to apply your makeup on a fresh and clean surface. Putting makeup on a surface that still has traces of previous night is never a good idea!

Use a cleanser for removing any dirt or traces of old makeup from the skin. Next, get rid of panda-like eyes by using a water-based eye makeup remover. Don’t go for an oil-based remover as it can leave residues on the skin that will not allow makeup to settle down properly. Apply a toner to get the skin ready for makeup. Use some light moisturizer on your skin to prevent it from being too oily. If you have any blemishes or pimples, use a concealer to make them invisible. Apply it on your skin with a sponge or your fingers in a smooth, patting motion. Before applying the foundation, you can add some primer as well, although this is an optional

Step two: Applying foundation

There are a number of ways in which you can apply foundation. You can use your fingertips, sponges or foundation brushes as well. Using fingertips to apply foundation is a popular method, as the heat from fingertips helps in blending the foundation evenly. Alternately, you can try out sponges for a near-similar effect as well. When it comes to brushes, there are a number of differently-styled options that you can make use of. These include stippling brushes and flat brushes. Stippling brushes especially work great when you have to apply a mineral powder or liquid foundation in a swirling motion.

After you have applied your foundation, set your moisturizer and concealer by using a translucent powder. Use a fluffy brush to apply it to your face in light, circular motions.


Step three: How to make your foundation or concealer last the entire day    

To make your foundation or concealer last for the whole day, you can make use of a setting spray. It especially comes in handy when you are using a cream or liquid makeup and don’t really feel inclined to set it using a powder. Lightly mist your face using the spray and then allow it to dry for some time.

Step four: Do your eye makeup

After the above step, you need to do your eye makeup. Using a brush, apply eye shadow to your eyelids by making quick, short swipes. Next, put some mascara and finally make your eyes prominent by using eyeliner.

Step five: Do your lips

Apply a lipstick or lip gloss to finish your makeup.


November 8, 2014
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