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Fine Opportunities for the Proper Watch Choice

The custom of responding with a watch after receiving the ring has been practiced since ancient times in countries such as Mexico and Spain. The reason for this tradition is based on the famous “request of hand”, where both the family of the bride, as the groom, meet at a meal or dinner in order that the fiancé formally ask to marry his loved the father of it. To get the “yes”, the commitment becomes official with the exchange of the engagement ring and a watch that she should have chosen especially for him.

The Symbol

Being a symbol of the beginning of a new life together, the piece must meet both the highest technical qualities and impeccable design features, taking into account that it will be the complement for the most special occasions of the bride. The most important thing is that every time you turn to your wrist, you will have a very special reason to remember the woman in your life. The Luminox Men’s Chronograph Steel Watch happens to be the best there.

Although the traditions surrounding the marriage process are now largely lost, it is worth recalling the true meaning of matching the detail of a ring with a watch that will remain in the family for many generations and that above all, it will refer to the value of time and eternal love. Here we share the best proposals according to each personality:

The Tradition

Traditionally, the bride, when she celebrates her engagement party, and announces her next wedding with the groom, usually gives her a watch , in the same way that the groom gives her the engagement ring.

Choice of the watch, engagement gift for the groom

This tradition is extremely important, and the bride cannot choose a watch as well, since that will be the gift that she will give, to seal the commitment of dedication to her future husband.

  • We know very well that in the market there are countless firms that are dedicated to designing watches and choosing correctly, it can sometimes be a bit complicated. You have to know very well the tastes and the profile of the groom, since you cannot give away something that will end up saved, or used for the simple fact of the meaning that has.

The watch that the bride gives to her future husband during the celebration of his commitment, does not have to be the most expensive so that he feels comfortable and can use it at ease, although as we mentioned earlier, it will have a very important sentimental value and for it deserves to be chosen carefully, taking an excellent presentation, and of very good quality. In this case, we can accompany, with an allusive phrase or promise of love, by the bride, which will give even more value, and will make that moment unforgettable.

August 5, 2018