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Glamorous And Sexy Wedding Dresses By Elihav Sasson

When it comes to designing the best bridal dresses, the Israeli fashion designers may be the number one for that. And today, we would like to prove it to you with some Glamorous and Sexy Wedding Dresses by Elihav Sasson. These dresses are part from his new 2015 collection and we are completely sure that you will fall in love with these dresses.

From really young age, Elihav demonstrated his innate talent for design and fashion inherited from his mother. His personal life experiences led him to escape to the world of art, a warm and happy place. So when the fashion industry entered his life, it beckoned him to learn everything he could. Elihav is completely self-taught and without any formal training, he has managed to design a sportswear collection for Paris and Nicki Hilton in Los Angeles. Today his famous store is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv.
Elihav’s collections, both bridal and evening dress collections, consists of amazing designs that are totally approved by many women all over the world. His designs draw a lot of attention, which is something that all women are looking for. Scroll down to see the dresses from his new 2015 collection. Maybe your dream wedding dress is part of it. Enjoy!

There are so stunning, right? Elihav Sasson has used his talent and ambition and has truly dedicated himself to designing the most fascinating bridal dresses. The dresses embrace and celebrate the femininity of every bride. The sensually elegant silhouettes with the romantic details, make all of these dresses absolutely gorgeous. Go ahead to see the rest of the wedding dresses from this fabulous bridal collection and find out which is your dream wedding dress.

So, did you find your dream wedding dress in this bridal collection? We bet that you cannot even decide about which is the best one out of all these glamorous and sexy wedding dresses by Elihav Sasson.

Thank you for reading and stay up to date with our content to find other such fabulous bridal collections from the worldwide famous fashion designers.

February 25, 2015
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