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Great Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

When choosing the right makeup products, you should not only consider the one that will match with your skin tone, but also the ones that go perfectly with and that accentuate the beauty of your eyes. Because, we all know that eyes are the mirror to one’s soul and with the right makeup you can make them stand out. So, as different makeup goes with different eye colors, today we would like to focus on the green eyes and we are bringing to you several Great Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes. 

The following makeup tutorials should be your guide to the natural makeup look, smoky eye to even some bold and dramatic makeup looks. The best shades for green eyes are pink, plum, purple, bronze, light beige’s to chocolate brown, and contrasting greens. However, you should try to avoid purples with blue undertones, and also do not use blue eyeliner and eye shadow. Blue is not the right colors for your green eyes. When it comes to metallic eye shadows, copper and gold are the right colors for highlighting your green eyes. Silver is the color that you should not definitely use on your green eyes.

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Green shades are always good choice for green eyes. Go for darker green eye shadows that will accentuate your eyes. Another makeup tip that you should have in mind if you have green eyes is to avoid the black eyeliner. Plum and violet eyeliner is much better for green eyes and will make your green eyes pop. Or, you can also try to add a little white eyeliner to the inner corner. And if you are totally addicted to the black eyeliner, maybe you should go for some charcoal instead of true black. Scroll down to see the rest of the makeup tutorials for green eyes on our list for today and choose which one you will try first. What you should really like about these step-by-step tutorials is that you can do your makeup like a pro. Enjoy!

February 12, 2015
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