Hair Tips
Hair Tips and Tricks to Consider

Strong voluminous and shining hair is an asset. We all want such hair but it is often difficult to maintain it with our busy schedule and so much dust, pollution and different kinds of medical condition. We are prone to using harmful chemicals on our hair in the form of shampoos and colors which results in damage in the long run. However, if we can take out few minutes from our daily routine to follow certain hair tips and tricks, we can have shiny and bouncy hair. One of the foremost hair tips and tricks is to reduce the use of chemicals on our hair which impairs its natural growth and bounce.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is one of the vital hair tips and tricks contributing to strong and beautiful hair. Avoid having too much or oily or greasy food to protect your hair from the harm it causes. Include Vitamin A in your diet to increase the strength and shine of your hair. Also if you have extremely greasy hair; avoid washing it too much regularly.

Hot Oil Treatment

For people having extremely dry, frizzy and brittle hair, washing it simply with conditioner won’t help much. You require a deep conditioning therapy often accompanied with hot oil treatment. This will restore the shine and healthiness of your hair. Another important hair tip and trick is not to rub your hair for drying it as it aggravates damage.

Hair Color

Coloring hair has become extremely common nowadays and it causes lot of hair damage. Whether you wish to experiment with your hair or cover up for the grey, you must rely on highlighting your hair and not coloring them totally because highlights are not permanent causing less damage and to a smaller area.

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Treatment

Getting rid of dandruff could take some time so prepare yourself mentally for that. Approved dandruff shampoos can help you to get rid of dandruff and heal your scalp. Also avoid applying oil on to your scalp if you are experiencing oily dandruff. For the ones having flaky dandruff, it is important to keep the hair moisturized.

Reducing Split-ends

Most of us develop split-ends on our hair which makes it appear dry and shabby. Cutting the split-ends and trimming the hair is a good way to reduce the amount. However, you must control use of blow dryer and also reduce the urge of straightening and curling the hair. Using a leave-in conditioner is among the best hair tips and tricks to diminish split-ends. Also go for extensive hot oil treatment on a weekly basis.

Hair Style

You need not follow trends while getting a haircut. Instead, get one that suits your face shape and blends naturally with your hair. Get a haircut that adds volume to disguise your thinning hair like layers and swoop fringe. Rollers or pin curls can give the effect of volume in your hair. Also you can color with the darkest color at the base gradually moving up with fading color creating an illusion of volume in your hair.

Drying Procedure

Among the best hair tips and tricks is the process to dry your hair. Always dry it from the roots to the upper level. This ensures that your hair style has volume and your hair appears bouncy.

Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

You have to reduce stress and tension to have healthy, long and bouncy hair. Stress causes damage and turns your hair rough and dull. Take some time out to de-stress yourself by meditating and doing yoga. You can also go for hair and body spa to reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

Detangle Properly

Our hair becomes tangles especially when they are wet. Always use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair along with using hair serum to control the frizz. This will ensure lesser breakage of hair.


August 4, 2014
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