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Important weight loss tips that are proven to be effective

Obesity and heavy weight problems are some of the most prevalent health issues in the world. A person who has put on plenty of weight is automatically susceptible to develop various types of health disorders including heart problems. For this reasons, people try out a whole lot of ways to induce weight loss.

However, many of them work only temporarily and fail to create any noticeable difference in the long run. Some of them even do less than that. Starting from super diets to extensive exercises, a wide range of weight loss strategies has been suggested by experts and yet they all seem to yield variable results. In this article, we present you with a number of weight loss strategies that have proven to work positively for many people.

Diet and exercise

Increase the volume of your meals

As we eat more or less the same amount of food on a daily basis, including food items that have a lower calorie density is vital unless you are really planning to shift to a low portion diet. Foods that are low in calorie density are high in fiber (beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains), high in water (vegetables, fruits, soups, fat-free or low-fat dairy), and low in fat. Foods that lack water such as crackers, dry salty snacks and densely baked goods tend to have high calorie density even though they are fat-free; for this reason their intake portions are needed to be carefully modified and controlled.


Limit your liquid calorie intake

Since our bodies do not register liquid calories as they do with calories from solid foods, it is quite easy to consume large quantities of calories from drinking those extra-large lattes in the morning or the sugar-sweetened beverages (such as sweetened tea, juice and sports drinks) and alcoholic beverages. To reduce weight, you need to reduce the intake of your morning latte, the sugar-sweetened beverages and juices as much as possible. If you are drinking alcohol, stay away from sugary mixers and reduce the calories from other areas of your meals if possible.

Control your food environment

Plenty of research has shown the relationship of a person’s food habits with his or her environment. If you are into weight loss, then the best thing for you to do would be to eat from smaller plates or drink from tall, thin glasses. When you store foods in your pantry or freezer, always keep the more tempting foods at high shelves or at places that are out of your immediate sight. Instead of serving high calorie dishes at your dinner table, leave them on the kitchen and make sure to keep low calorie vegetable preparations within your immediate reach. That way you will only tend to eat foods that fills you up and yet do not increase your calorie intake.


November 15, 2014
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