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A list of top fashion designers from around the globe

Fashion designers are individuals who not only carve out brilliant clothes; they also create dreams. The world’s top fashion designers are known for their unique ways of looking at the world as well as their distinct take on what clothing should be like. In this list of top fashion designers, we present you with the names of those creative minds that have marveled us with their own sense of creative genius and they never really fail to amaze us!


Coco Chanel

Born as Gabrielle“Coco” Bonheur Chanel, this French fashion designer was the creative mind behind the world famous brand of Chanel. With modernist thoughts, practical designs and a yearning for expensive simplicity, she became an influential name in the sphere of 20th century fashion.

Calvin Klein

In 1968, Calvin Klein, a 26 year old boy from Bronx, New York, opened up his label of CK. Since then, his clothes have appealed to millions of fans all over the globe and the creative marketing campaigns that showcase his products never fail to mesmerize the audience. Calvin Klein has over the years become a quintessential name when it comes to American fashion, and his creative contribution has influenced high street fashion as well as fashion in the movie and music industry as well.


Donna Karan

Donna Karan is the owner of the famous brand DKNY, and before she opened her own label, she used to work as the head of a clothing design team that launched a number of designs. After she opened her own label, Donna Karan and her work have always been in spotlight in the fashion world.

Donatella Versace

The younger sister of late designer Gianni Versace, she became the head of the Versace label and to it to newer heights. Under her authority, Versace catered to numerous international fashion centers, particularly New York and Milan. Numerous A-grade celebrities have endorsed Versace products, and the list includes such names as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore and Christiana Aguilera.


Giorgio Armani

This outstanding Italian designer is particularly noted for his exquisite collection of menswear that is marked by neat, simple tailored lines. In 1975, he opened his own label Armani, and by the year 2001, he was declared as the most successful designer who ever came out from Italy. Men all over the world swear by his clothes, and his annual turnover of around $1.6 million really speaks of the level he has achieved over these years.

Valentino Garavani

Creator of the famous Valentino Spa, this Italian designer have over the years turned into a legendary figure in the world of fashion. He is known for creating some of the best pieces of clothes for numerous famous celebrities in the world, which include such names like Queen Paola of Belgium, Princess Margaret, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy. His label “Rojo Valentino” is a collection that particularly specializes in various shades of red, and stand as truly an astonishing collection of work.



September 30, 2014
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