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Minimalist Nail Designs To Copy Now

There are various nail designs, depending on the colors and pattern used. Some of them can be quite eye-catching and other can have a subtle, not really noticeable pattern. The subtle pattern, or also popular as a minimalist one, will be really trendy this spring, so we would like to get you prepared with some Minimalist Nail Designs, that you should definitely copy.

Less is more, can be the definition for minimalist style, which means keeping something on a minimum level and again leaving a great impression.  When it comes to minimalist nail designs, a single dot or stripe pattern is what you will need or maybe some accent nail. Also pop of neon color can work good for these type of nail designs. The minimalist nail designs rock on the runway shows, so you should definitely try to copy them. Take a look at our photo collection below and choose which one you will try first. Enjoy!

Bold Half Moon Nail Design

We have said that minimalist nail design can not be bold, but this one can be because of the bold nail polish.

Subtle Half Moon Nail Art

As a contrast to the above one, this one is the perfect minimalist half moon nail design.

Minimalist Nail Design With Stripes

Just polish your nails with a white nail polish and add some mini stripes.

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Pastel Colored Nail Design

This is a great nail design for spring, because pastel colors take the stage during spring time.

Minimalist Triangle Nail Design

Polish your nails with a nude nail polish and then paint some triangles to get this easy minimalist nail design.

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Half White Nail Art

Polish half of your nails with a white nail polish. Use a washi tape for more precision.

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Single Dot Nail Design

Adding a single dot to each of your nails is jsut another way to rock the minimalist style.

Soft French Manicure Design

This is a minimalist nail design that you should all give it a try.

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White Stripe On Burgundy Nails

Instead of several stripes, paint some bold half stripes after you polish your nails with a contrasting color.

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Sideline Nail Design

Instead of lines in the middle of your nails, try putting some on the sides.

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Single Line Minimalist Nail Design

Experiment with lines by drawing them in different position on different nail.

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Grey And White Half Moon Manicure Idea

This is another easy but great minimalist nail design that you may love to copy.

February 24, 2015
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