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How To Do No-Heat Curls And Waves

Curls and waves are always a good idea for a hairstyle, but doing it too often can damage your hair. This is because of the effect that the heat from curling or flat irons have on our hair. So, every woman dreams about having the perfect curls without damaging their hair, and believe it or not, they are ways to do this. Today, we would like to show you several ways of How To Do No-Heat Curls And Waves, which you should definitely try. So, go ahead and check them out and do not hesitate to try them. Enjoy!

No-Heat Curls With The Friar Tuck

This is the easiest way for achieving great curls with no heat. Simply wrap your hair in a silk scarf before going to sleep. Or you can also wait for several hours instead of a whole night. The result will be heat-less curly hairstyle.

Overnight No-Heat Curls

This method requires sleeping for a night with your hair twisted in tiny buns. This is a good solution for all of you who love to have small curls without using any heat.

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Easy No-Heat Beach Waves Tutorial

This easy-peasy hair tutorial is what you should do during the summer time. First wet your hair, then separate it into two parts and twist each parts. Stick the twists for an hour and then let your hair down to get the perfect no-heat beach waves.

Perfect No-Heat Waves

This is another great way to make no-heat waves. After twisting your hair, apply some hairstyle holding spray so that your waves can last longer.

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No-Heat Sock Curls Tutorial

Another tool that you can use for achieving no-heat curls are socks. Check out the tutorial below and give it a try.

Twist Your Hair To Make Some Waves

This way of achieving no-heat waves, requires some heat too. But this time of a hair dryer instead of a curling iron, which doesn’t damage your hair that much. Twist your wet hair into several buns and dry them with a hair dryer. After them let them down and your are ready to go. Check out below how you hair should look.

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So, how will you try to do your curls or waves next time? Will you use the friar tuck or the sock method, or maybe the overnight twisted bun tutorial? One thing is for sure, no matter of the method you choose you will achieve the perfect curly or wavy hairstyle without using any heat. And this is something that you and your hair will love for sure. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with us to find other interesting and useful hair tutorials.

February 21, 2015
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