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Skin care tips for different types of skin

Beautiful skin is an essential ingredient for great looks. As one of the first things other people notice in a person, the condition of skin can say a lot about one’s lifestyle and general habits. When your skin is bright and glowing, it also helps to accentuate your overall clothing and makeup and make you look great. Here take a look at some of the most useful skin care tips that will definitely enhance the brightness of your skin.

There are usually four types of skin commonly found in people all over the world: normal, oily, dry and combination. Also it is quite possible for a person to have sensitive skin that incorporates one of the four main skin types.Happy skin

Skin care tips for dry skin

Some people have skin that is extremely vulnerable to dehydration, lacks oiliness or have very few or no breakouts. In such cases, their skin is considered to be dry. When dryness of the skin goes to more extreme levels, the skin loses its elasticity and can become extremely sensitive to sun, wind or cold temperatures. If you have dry skin, you should wash your face with warm water and a rich, creamy cleansing cream once in a day.

Rinse your skin with slightly warm water and then pat it dry. Use a toner to ease the tight and flaky tendency that comes with dehydrated skin. Do not use toners or makeup

items that have alcohol in them as alcohol-based products can further dry up your skin. Apply a cream-based lotion for hydrating and rejuvenating your skin.

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Skin care tips for oil skin

Oily skin has a tendency to shine a lot after cleansing. The skin pores are generally somewhat enlarged with this type of skin. People having oily skin are more prone to develop pimples, whiteheads and blackheads than the other types of skin; the skin also has a coarser texture.

If you are having dry skin, it is highly vulnerable to dirt and dust. Wash your face two times a day using warm water and a non-foaming cleanser that is gentle on your skin. Remove additional residue with an alcohol-free toner. Use oil blotting sheets to control the shine of your skin. Even though your skin is oily, you should still use a light moisturizer every day so that dryness doesn’t form underneath and urge the skin to release more oil.

Skin care tips for normal skin

People having normal skin have an oily T zone and their cheeks are usually dry and taut. This type of skin also changes with seasons, i.e. oilier in summers and dryer in winters. If you have normal skin, you should wash your face daily with cleaners suited for normal skin. Apply a hydrated, alcohol free toner all over your face, and a moisturizer in dry areas.


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August 19, 2014
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