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Spring Outfit Combos With Pastel Trench Coats

The five types of jackets that you should wear this spring are the denim jacket, kimono jacket, bomber jacket, white blazer and of course the timeless classic – the trench coat. Trench coat is a fashion staple that will never go out of style and every woman must have it in her wardrobe. It is the perfect outerwear for your more formal outfits, whether for the office or to wear it over some elegant dress.

There are many different styles of trench coats that you can choose from, depending on their length and color. The most common one, when it comes to color choice is the beige trench coat, which is considered as classic trench coat. However, since pastel colors are the most popular colors for spring time, you can also choose to get yourself some pastel colored trench coat for this spring. So, today, we have chosen several Spring Outfit Combos with Pastel Trench Coats and we hope that they will get you inspired to add some pastel trench coat into your spring wardrobe. Choose whether that will be a pink, peach, mint, violet, baby blue or maybe some yellow one and have a trendy look all spring long. Make it a part of your pastel outfit combos, or maybe wear it over a neutral colored outfit, like white, beige, black or grey  outfits and make a statement with it. Scroll down to see the outfit combinations with pastel trench coats that we have chosen for you today and choose which pastel shade would you choose for your next trench coat. Enjoy!

Mint Trench Coats



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 Baby Blue Trench Coat

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 Lavender Trench Coat

 Peach Trench Coat

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 Yellow Trench Coat

 Pink Trench Coats

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When it comes to the types of shoes that go well with trench coats, the ballet flats, oxford shoes and of course pumps are something you can never be wrong with. You can choose them to be in pastel colors too and thus match them with your pastel trench coat, or you can go with a neutral color and again have the right outfit combo. We hope that the outfit ideas above will get you inspired to get yourself a pastel trench coat for this spring. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content for other inspiring outfit ideas.

April 25, 2015
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