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The Best Step-by-Step Summer Nail Tutorials

There are so many versatile nail design ideas, depending on the colors, patterns or themes or used, as well as depending on the season of the year. And since we are now in the middle of the most favorite season of the year, the summer, we would like to give you some inspiration for your next nail design. Below, you will be able to find some of The Best Step-by-Step Summer Nail Tutorials and we are sure that you will love to try all of them.

Summer time is all about colors, so you should not hesitate to use as many of them. And of course this means that you should use more pastel and neon colors, rather then some dark ones. But when it comes to patterns and themes used, there are definitely many of them. The most common one may be the beach inspired nail designs, that usually consists of tropical sunset, palm trees, beach waves, starfish, seashells etc. Another trendy pattern for the summer time is the nautical pattern, where the main colors are red, white and blue and anchor is the main symbol. Tropical floral nail art is also a good choice for the summer time and the designs can be quite versatile. And of course, not to forget to mention that summer time is the best time for some fruit nail design or maybe even some ice cream nail design. Scroll down now to see how you can do all of these nail designs as well as many others and choose which one you will copy first. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Nail Art Tutorial

Beach Wave Mani Tutorial

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Fuchsia Negative Space Nail Tutorial

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Hawaiian Flower Nails

Cute Starfish Nail Art Tutorial

Easy Splatter Nails

Tropical Tips

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Neon Studded Nail Art Tutorial

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Nautical Nail Art Tutorial

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Black Tropical Print Nail Tutorial

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Strawberry Nail Tutorial

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Pineapple Nail Art Tutorial

Pastel Geometric French Tips

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Tropical Sunset Nail Art Tutorial

These were some of The Best Step-by-Step Summer Nail Tutorials that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you liked them. Tell us in the comments which one you would like to copy first. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other nail, hair and makeup tutorials.

July 14, 2015
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