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Tips on how to get thicker hair by practicing certain home remedies

While some people are born with hair that is thick and luscious, others have hair that is naturally thin. Sometimes hair can get thinner due to other factors such as environmental pollution, age and high stress levels. There are numerous people around the world who get sleepless nights thinking about how to get thicker hair.

Although thinning of hair is sometimes not entirely avoidable, there are a lot of things one can try out to make the hair appear fuller. In this article, we present you with some ideas on how to get thicker hair that have been proven time and again to provide with positive results.

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Avoid shampoos, conditioners or styling products that are chemical based

Most hair products available in the market are capable of cleaning your locks but their chemical content can cause significant damage as well. While some people are not affected by these chemicals, if you are someone who is bothered about thinning hair, then it is ideal to avoid them. Laureth sulfates and sodium laurel are cleaning agents that are present in most shampoo products. They rob hair off their natural oils and make them weak over time, which leads to hair loss.


You don’t have to wash your hair every day

The natural oils produced by our scalp protect our hair from outside damage. If these oils are regularly washed away, the hair grows weaker over time. While every person’s hair is different, most people can wash their hair for about 2-3 times a week without letting them be too oily. On the other hand, make sure that you do not end up washing your hair too infrequently either. People having thinning hair are often prone to develop dandruff and other types of scalp conditions that can be avoided easily by frequent washing of hair.

Apply essential oils to make your hair thicker

There are a number of essential oils that you can apply to make your hair thicker. These include lavender, chamomile, rosemary, cedar wood, geranium, thyme, coconut oil, almond oil and Indian gooseberry oil. By thickening the hair follicles, they give more strength and body to the hair.

Be gentle to your hair to avoid hair loss

If you need to comb your hair to remove the tangles, do so with a wide toothed comb instead of brush and be gentle instead of just pulling them through. Also be particularly careful if you are working on wet hair. Avoid wringing your hair out or roughly towel them dry. Also try to stay away from trying out ponytails or other hairstyles such as braids and weaves that stretch and pull your hair strands out as they can lead to breakage or even something worse known as Traction Alopecia.


February 6, 2015
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