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Understand the Difference Between Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid for Perfect Wedding Party Setup

Wedding setup is arranged with lot of brainstorming and effort. Apart from venue, attire and catering, there are several other things to be looked into. The guest list is the most important part of the event. In fact, every individual supporting your event is important. Also, flower girls add charm to the occasion. Hence, their attire, accessories and style of presenting the event should be looked into.

Whether it is maid of honor, junior bridesmaid, flower girl or best man, everyone should be in their best attire. Although adults can make their own choice wisely, when it comes to junior bridesmaid as well as flower girl dresses, you need to decide cautiously. Since they are kids, the fabric has to be soft and comfortable. Moreover, their attire needs to look cute according to their age thus there should be frills, some flowers and a pretty dress to admire.

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However, often it is seen that junior bridesmaid are confused with flower girls and one group is given the entire task. Well, it can be done if there is shortage of young girls in your family. However, if there are many kids, then you can arrange their duties accordingly. Thus, here is a small explanation on differentiating among flower girls as well as junior bridesmaid –

  • Age
  • Duties
  • Attire


Flower girls are generally of from 4 to 8 years of tender age. However, too young flower girl can spoil the show as they cannot lead the path attentively. Junior bridesmaids are between 8 to 14 years of age. Since they have to escort the bride and maid of honor, they have to be mature enough to walk smartly with them.


Flower girl’s entrance signifies that it is time for bride to enter the room. They sprinkle petals while junior bridesmaids follow them with maid of honor and bride. Flower girls don’t stay for long once the bride reaches the stage, it is only the bridesmaid who continues to stay with the bride.


Flower girl should wear an outfit similar to the bride’s attire or preferably white in color. Whatever the choice is, it should be comfortable for the kid so that she doesn’t trip on the floor while walking. Junior bridesmaid will wear something identical to the bridesmaid. This way, they all appear to be from the same group.

There may be instances when there are not enough kids in the family. Nothing to worry about, you can still manage to keep flower girls and withdraw junior bridesmaid since you already have your best friend or sister as maid of honor.

February 20, 2019
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