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What You Should Know About Your Baby’s Coming-Home Outfit

A large part of preparing for a baby includes shopping for their clothes. Most will be left in the nursery when you go in to deliver, and you will only need to carry a few, maybe just one outfit for bringing your baby home. Most hospitals provide the baby with their first cloth, usually a simple onesie and a blanket to keep them warm as they learn to adjust to temperatures outside the womb. The coming-home outfit for your baby is important as it carries a lot of memories that you will treasure when they grow up. It, therefore, needs to be picked carefully. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing the baby’s first outfit:


Your baby’s coming-home outfit should not just be pretty but must also comfortable. If it is a one-piece, you may want to include a few more layers of clothing underneath for their warmth. Remember, as mentioned before, that the baby is still adjusting to the temperatures outside the womb.

It should also not be too tight. Make sure it is a good if not a perfect fit.


When a baby is born, the back to the top of their head is not covered in a hard, tough skeleton like the rest of it. It is open to allow the baby to maneuver easily out of the birth canal during birth. This part of the head is called the fontanelle.

This part is very delicate as it leaves the baby’s brain exposed. The baby’s outfit should, therefore, consider this and slide easily over their head. If possible, choose one that avoids it altogether, one that can be buttoned in.

You should also pick something without lace or other fussy material around the neck to avoid irritating or damaging the baby’s skin. Most cute baby girl’s clothes come with such additions, and you should avoid them.


Most certainly. Even it is hard to predict just how large your baby will be at birth, so don’t be surprised if he won’t fit in the newborn-size onesie you came with. To avoid inconvenience, bring an extra outfit just in case. Remember that babies are also messy and it could take minutes for him to burp all over it or mess it up in some other way.


A simple outfit not only ensures the baby’s comfort but also gives a certain appeal that you will appreciate when the photos come out. A newborn can only handle so much after spending a considerable amount of time naked and suspended in a warm fluid. Simplicity will also minimize fuss when doing things such as buckling the baby in a car or passing them over to someone else.

Conclusively, your baby’s coming home outfit should be comfortable and straightforward. It should also be safe, which is why an outfit that does not have to pass over the head is preferable.

June 9, 2019
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