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4 healthy hair tips for long and shiny hair

Long flowing healthy hair was once more common than what it is at the present times. Although every now and then it is still possible to see women with great, shiny hair, it is certainly lesser than what it used to be. There were a number of practices that promoted great growth of hair. Although for many women it is not possible to spend such ardent time and effort in taking care of their long locks, managing to do some of them still present one with great hair. Here are some healthy hair tips that can go a long way in making sure that the locks are kept naturally beautiful.

Brush your hair several times in a day

It is important to brush your hair regularly for many times as this facilitates in blood circulation, which in turn improves your hair health. Get a good quality brush to go through your hair from the root to the tip. This distributes the natural oils of your hair evenly, and makes your mane shinier, easily manageable and less vulnerable to breakage. While brushing, start at the bottom or the roots and then gradually move your brush upwards. This will also remove any tangles that might be present.

Herbal shampoo

Avoid commercial shampoos

Commercial shampoos often use harmful ingredients in their composition and although they use the word “natural” in describing their products, in reality the products themselves are far from being natural. There are many women who do some careful shopping before finally settling on a shampoo product that seems to be less harmful to them. However, if you want to be really sure, it is best to wholly avoid commercial shampoos. Instead, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to wash your hair. You can also make your own shampoo bars or buy them from a market. Shampoo bars usually do not have the harmful ingredients that are generally included in commercial shampoos and works equally great.

Apply deep conditioning once a week

Treat your hair with a hot oil massage once a week to improve hair shine and manageability. It also helps in reducing breakage and can be done easily at home.

Use a protein mask

If you are facing problems with frizzy hair, then this healthy hair tip will come in handy for you. Get yourself a protein mask treatment once in every week. Mix two egg yolks with some warm water. Then using your fingers, gently massage this in your scalp as well as in the hair shaft. Use a shower cap or plastic wrap to wrap your head and then put a towel on it. Leave this for an hour and then rinse the whole thing off with clear water. If you do not find applying eggs in your hair a truly appealing notion, you can also try it with bananas, avocados and mayonnaise as well.


August 14, 2014
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