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7 natural hair care tips for great, shiny hair

Having naturally beautiful hair is something that everyone dreams of. Not only they allow you to experiment more freely with your looks; they speak volumes about you as a person as well. Here are some great natural hair care tips that will help you to maintain your locks shinier and healthier.

Stick to a healthier lifestyle and a nutritious diet

Always try to maintain a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from harmful foods, smoking, etc. as this will be reflected in your hair. Drink plenty of water and include lots of protein in your diet. Some good sources of protein are meat, eggs and lentils. Vitamin A also promotes hair growth, so get plenty of that as well. You can get Vitamin A from cod liver oil, carrots and green leafy vegetables.

Avoid hear styling products and treatments

Do not treat your hair with harsh chemicals as that will only ruin your natural hair growth in the end. If you are having any complaints about your hair, try to resolve them by using natural means. This will help you to preserve the natural beauty of your hair for a long time. Thus, one of the best natural hair care tips will definitely be to avoid harmful products containing chemicals that can affect the process of natural hair growth.

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Use natural conditioners

If you have damaged or dry hair, use curd or aloe vera as a conditioner. This will add volume to your frail hair and also bring shine to it.

Keep your scalp oil free

While it is true that you should get frequent hair washes, it is better not to wash your hair everyday as this can remove all the natural oils that are necessary for a healthy growth of hair. Even if you feel that you need to wash off the extra oil from your hair, and the dust and dirt that goes with it, maintain an interval of 3 to 7 days depending on your specific needs. Try out a dry shampoo in these days for keeping your hair clean.

Find shampoo and conditioner that is appropriate for your hair

Using shampoos and hair conditioners that are appropriate for your hair type is vital for good hair health. Give yourself time to find out what’s best for you and then stick to them.

Do not comb wet hair

Avoid combing wet hair as this can easily break them up and also try not to use a hair dryer. Allow your hair to dry naturally, more so during the summer months.

Get plenty of sleep

Although this is something that has been included in numerous natural hair care tips and general healthcare tips lists, it still needs a special mention here. Getting good sleep eases your anxiousness and makes you feel happier. This in turn boosts your overall hair health several notches higher and keeps those issues of dry tangled hair at bay.

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August 13, 2014
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