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6 Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes that will Truly Make Them Stand Out

Blue eyes are considered to be a recessive trait by geneticists, if you have got ‘em, go ahead and just flaunt them! Although there are a wide range of makeup tips for blue eyes, and all of them are equally good, here are some of the best from that list. Try out these makeup tips for blue eyes, and you are sure to be a show stealer in any social gathering you visit.

Sheer shadow effect

Since the blue shade is naturally attractive, you don’t need tons of eye shadows to really bring out their color. Try out some sheer shadows to accentuate those blue eyes of yours. You can also try applying some lighter shades that can go with most occasions.

Matte shadow effect

If putting a sheer shadow is not your thing, you can opt for a matte shadow as well. A matte shadow appears great when you are trying to create an understated look. If you are planning on going for a night out in the town, then you can try combining your matte shadow with a bit of shimmering effect as well.


Avoid blue shadows

Since you already have blue eyes, it is best to avoid blue shadows as the whole combination may appear too loud. Nevertheless, there is a small tweak to this rule. It is okay if you are planning to wear a blue eye shadow whose shade is different from that of your iris. If your eyes have a baby blue shade, you can opt for a navy blue shadow that can really help to bring out darker hues within your eyes. However, keep this makeup strategy only for rare occasions and do not think of complementing your blue eyes with blue shadows all the time.

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Try overlapping colors

If you are having blue eyes, you have the option of trying out different eye shadow colors at the same time. If you are trying out sheer eye shadows, you can combine two different shades and see how your eyes look like. Add a copper tone sheer to a light brown one, and they both are bound to look great together!

Navy eyeliners

Although you have been donning the black eyeliner for quite some time, it is now time to set it away and try out some great navy eyeliner. The navy shaded eyeliner has a way of highlighting the eyes and bringing out their color in full force. They are appropriate for all different shades of eye color, including dark blue, light blue and blue green eyes.

Warm Hues

Warm hues

As blue is a very calm and icy color, its beauty can be accentuated by using a shade that acts as a contrast to it. Use a splash of warm hues in the form of eye shadows to bring out the best in your eyes. Browns and earthy tones are popular choices.


August 11, 2014
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